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    Good points. I think it's healthy that he got benched, but it's been blown out of proportion. He needs to learn that his actions affect his teammates. I can just imagine if he did that in the big leagues and Joe Mauer was hitting after him...

    Selfish baseball isn't fun to watch.
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    This whole thing really reminds me of a book I just finished, it was called Odd Man Out by Matt McCarthy. He pitched in Rookie Ball for the Angels in the early 2000s. He played with the likes of Alberto Callaspo and Eric Eybar and Joe Saunders. Basically, it covers the year he spent playing minor league ball. It was crazy to hear about their lifestyles and what they had to go through. Especially interesting was the relationship between the "Dominicans" (apparently it was a blanket term for Latin players) and the Americans. So the issue between Lanigan and Sano seems like something straight from this book.

    The other thing from this book that is applicable is the way Joe Saunders was treated. He was a top 10 pick the same year the author was drafted. He signed a big contract and basically came to Rookie ball getting treated favorably was not making a ton of friends. So I wonder if sometimes these bonus baby types, like Sano, have a hard time relating to the rest of the players or carry themselves a little differently.

    Long story short. We really underestimate what playing minor league ball is like. It's a grind to say the least and a lot of crazy stuff happens that we don't know the half of.
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    Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.
    Last night Sano seemed to do a better job of laying off the breaking pitches that ended up low and away (you know, Michael Cuddyer's favorite pitch ). Watching some of the games on Gameday from last week it seemed that he was falling behind in the count more often and then of course was being forced to swing at the pitcher's pitch, not the hitter's pitch. So that's one thing. Another thing is that he just seemed locked in. Just off the top of my head -- and this is probably wrong -- but I think he only swung and missed once or twice last night. So long story short Sano just seems more comfortable with his surroundings.

    That would take a lot of work to catch the guy from the Phillies! I mean, it's possible Sano could hit 15 homers as a Rock Cat, but every homer the other guy hits makes it harder to catch. But hey, if there's one guy that's up to the challenge, I think it's Sano.

    As to your last question, yes, the Rock Cats are aware of what they have with Sano. And I think that's passed down (with specific instructions) from the Twins. I could be wrong, but I think the Twins can even dictate things like where players bat in the order, etc. So from 1,000 miles away, the tone is being set by Terry Ryan & Co.
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    No need to thank us readers, you're reportage is first rate and the absolute best tonic on yet another miserable night at Target Field.

    Since you've witnessed a few of Sano's games since his arrival, are you picking up any significant differences in his approach at the plate of late? I noticed that his walks and strikeouts were nearly equal not that long ago, but now, he's no longer getting the walks, but the power and average are soaring with a few additional strikeouts.

    You noticed that he's now 4th on the team in HRs. I'll go one further....what do you think his chances are to catch the Eastern League leader in Home Runs? He now only trails the guy from the Phillies AA team, 15-6.

    I noticed you passed on asking the obvious questions to Jeff Smith in favor of a different approach. Good for you. Your reporting is reassuring in its clarity and exposition from Jeff Smith about May. This sounds like not even a bump in the road on his progression towards major league starter..... But, going back to the 500 lb. Dominican elephant in the room... don't you get the feeling that "everybody" in the Rock Cats braintrust from Smith on down, knows what extraordinary talent they have in Sano? And that they have a firm handle on what they have to accomplish, together, over the next 2 months? And hopefully, that Sano, in garnering their full developmental attention, as he is ever-quickly becoming acclimated to Connecticut, is feeding off that attention to detail and stays right on the fast track?
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    Yup he's a douche. I recently met a BEAUTIFUL young woman that had dated Jeter when she lived in NY. She didn't have anything nice to say about the guy and I'm not going to get into details, but Jeter isn't as clean cut as he would have you believe.
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    I brought this up with my wife last week, her response was elegant in it's simplicity: "What a Douche!"

    "I know," I replied, "I mean he does nice things in his community--"

    "Nope. He's a Douche."

    I love my wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgoat_MN
    Great article. Thank you TFFA. It's great to have you there. Good for us!

    • He's not striking out at a higher rate than he did at High-A.

    This is really good news. Surprising, even.
    What I find most surprising is how few of his pitches are near the knees. Pitchers are coached to keep the ball down as children.

    Very odd.
    Thanks for the comment. I think this pitch data is more useful to judge inside/outside rather than high/low. Some of these at bats make it look like everything is belt high, and that just doesn't seem possible.
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    Great article. Thank you TFFA. It's great to have you there. Good for us!

    • He's not striking out at a higher rate than he did at High-A.

    This is really good news. Surprising, even.
    What I find most surprising is how few of his pitches are near the knees. Pitchers are coached to keep the ball down as children.

    Very odd.
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    Great work. I wish Pitch f/x data was available.

    From what I can see, pitchers are assuming he is free swinging and trying to get him to flail around. He is missing the inside stuff because I think he is struggling to adjust to how well pitchers at AA can move the ball around. Its possible he is a guess hitter and he needs to learn how to react to the ball. The NB Offense is so terrible, no pitcher will let him beat them. We will see over the long run, but I expect him to adjust and start making them pay.

    I would love to see you do something similar for Baxendale too. I am very curious why he is struggling so much in AA.
    Updated 06-18-2013 at 04:52 AM by clutterheart
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    Thanks for your obviously hard work in putting this article together. It shows what has been frequently happening to Sano last year and this year already at the lower levels. Nice stat on the pitches per PA. It looks like he's going to get a lot of practice trying to hit for power going the opposite way, like Cabrera does.

    I guess what we have to ask about plate protection is, does he need more than having just Pinto batting behind him? Is Kennys Vargas also needed in the 5th spot in the order, as well?
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    Where did all the comments go?

    This was a fun thread and I wanted to follow up & see what others had said.

    No one knows. Damn NSA.
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    Thanks! Perhaps they are saving the great debuts for the Twins!
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    Thanks, error fixed!
    I have a small ticket plan, and as a result of my work with this website can access the pressbox and players.

    I hold out hope for May. 80% of his start was fantastic tonight. He does have kind of a funky delivery, though.
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    Tremendous write-ups. Lots of meaty extra info to your reporting. Do you have season tickets? Just wait 'til these guys get acclimated.

    What are your impressions on Pinto? If he is able to tear up this league, I'm confident that Sano and Rosario will do just as well and likely better, in time. Morales has a good chance to be solid, too.

    You might want to correct this opening line in paragraphs 5:

    "Control issues came back in 3rd inning for Meyer..."

    Do you have a feel for May and his mechanics? Does it look like he has it in him to "flip the switch" eventually. A guy with his K ability, physical size and stuff should be given every possible chance to hit the bigs as the #3 starter.
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    Good job. I was hoping for 2015, but you're realistic to give a them an extra year to learn the ropes. Hicks is a perfect example.
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    I would be interested in seeing a report on him
    He is getting all the SO I want to see. But the Walks/Hits are a problem.
    Are his SO swinging strikes?
    Is he crazy wild or just working on pitches?
    We were told his height makes a "downward plane" tough for him so his pitches come in "straighter" than a taller guy. Is this proving to be a problem?
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    Don't quite know where to put this, but...

    Stuifbergen is taking Alex Meyer's spot in the NB rotation tomorrow night. MiLB has Saturday and Sunday's starters as Darnell and Baxendale. Does anyone know whether this is just the 'normal' skip a ML pitchers turn in the rotation to keep their overall innings down? Or is it an injury (or promotion)?
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    Perhaps a bit off topic, I have thought for a while that Gibson would be helped by having adequate or better defenders behind him, since he is an extreme ground ball pitcher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutterheart
    You make an excellent point when you mention the lousy MI at AAA. You are right. Beseford is preferable to anyone at Rochester.
    I should have lead off with that! Just dawned on me this morning too see who Rochester had. Ugly!
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    You make an excellent point when you mention the lousy MI at AAA. You are right. Beseford is preferable to anyone at Rochester.
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