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  1. 7.31.12 - Judgement Day and the Return of Liriano

    Tomorrow is July 31, 2012 and we all might have this date branded into our memory if things don't play out right.

    As we all know, Liriano pitches against us tomorrow, less than 3 days after we traded him. If real life was a movie in the making - this would be the stage for Liriano to throw a no hitter or a shutout with double digit K's.

    Seemingly for most of us, this trade stung a bit and seemed unnecessary because of the return. Yeah, I get it... Liriano ...
  2. Trade Deadline and Psychotropic Medications

    I have to admit I am a bit concerned with the impending trade deadline quickly closing in on us Twins fans. Some of you are adamant about the necessity to make a trade and some of you are equally apprehensive about making a trade.

    I see both sides, and I am very worried that a few folks on this site might access the end of their sanity with a trade/non-trade and reach and breach their breaking point. I have a few suggestions for those who might feel this is a feasible outcome.
  3. Scent of a Woman

    Liriano pitched a decent game tonight. He was mentally fragile as he usually seems to be, but made it through without incident. It might have made the game 45 minutes longer . (I’m not Bud Selig and game length is of no concern to me.)

    Liriano is greatly reminding me of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade – he needs someone to watch over him at all times. Tonight Drew Butera was Liriano’s Charlie Simms. I am fearful of Liriano’s mental shortcomings. He has great stuff, but seemingly without ...
  4. Grandpa Jake Speaks

    God Damn. You young galoots really have a lot of time on your hands. This computer world thiggamajiggy really dominates a lot of your lives.

    When I was in my 20’s, I was out with my friends and carousing with the lovely young ladies. You young bucks really put too much time into baseball, trying to dig up some weird scientific statistics. In the 50’s you knew who a good ballplayer was – The Splendid Splinter, Stan the Man, Ted Kluszewski, Nellie Fox, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Vernon, ...
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