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  1. The Setting Sun of Morneau

    It sure seems like the MLB media and a portion of the Twins Community thinks Justin Morneau is on his way out of Minnesota VIA trade. I will have to see it to believe it, but I have resigned myself to this scenario becoming a definite possibility.

    I want to cut to the chase. Morneau certainly did not live up to his potential. 7 years ago I expected that his numbers and accomplishments would be much further along than they are now. I do not say this to be negative, I do not say this ...
  2. “Dreams Do Come True”

    Most of the time I do not question what moves the Twins make. Long ago I learned that it would be a waste of my time to get upset about such things as they are 90% upsetting to me. I like baseball and I like the Twins, but fortunately I do not have to throw in the towel anymore - for me the towel does not exist. I just observe from the sidelines, nod my head, grin and bare it, and forge ahead.

    I guess I somewhat want to be positive and wish Doug Bernier a heart felt congratulations. ...
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