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  1. twinsarmchairgm's Avatar
    Example #23,322 of my point is stated above. In Minnesota, how can a player be arguably the best at his position for 5 straight years, lose one season rushing back from knee surgery, and still need to be defended. Mauer is a player of historic proportions at a position that is very tough on the body. Those are the facts. This level of delusion is scary.
    As for your Ryan accusation, in '01 he traded for Todd Jones when the team needed a later inning reliever, in 03' he traded for Shannon Stewart when the team was desperate for a leadoff hitter, and before '05 he traded for Luis Castillo when they really needed to solidify the MI. I understand if you want to argue he's never traded for a superstar, but Ryan has never operated a team with a budget over – maybe – 75 million. This year is his first offseason where he has had a decent budget. He aggressively addressed some large needs by spending money to get Carrol, Willingham, and Doumit. Again, read Seth's post here, and try to overcome your "coddle no more" rhetoric you probably picked up by reading too many Souhan columns.
  2. coddlenomore's Avatar
    Only in Minnesota can your 184 million dollar player take nine weeks off and never have to explain why and then have fans like ths defend it....simply priceless! Oh yah, I forgot you just know Terry Ryan is going to run out and make that big trade to upgrade this team if we contend!...lol Really??? The reality of a 70 win season will allow him to escape his usual line of he couldnt find anyone....
  3. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    Just a lil note Victor Roache projected top 10 pick broke his wrist and is likely out for the year, which means he could fall into the Twins laps at a comp pick.
  4. dklien's Avatar
    This is excellent information I don't see elswhere. Looking forward to your updates.
  5. twinsarmchairgm's Avatar
    I agree if Appel continues this for the spring he is 1-1, at that point the Twins have to choose who ever they believe the best talent is. Whether that is Giolito, Buxton, Marrero, or someone else, they just have to take whoever they believe has the highest ceiling.
  6. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by clutterheart
    Many people have been down on Appel these days. But I still think the twins will take him. That 97 MPH will tough for them to pass up.
    The reports I've read on Appel, and probably the reason that people are "down" on him, is that his results don't match up with his stuff. If last night is any indication, it looks like the results are starting to catch up - took a shutout into the eighth, scattered three hits and three walks, struckout a career-high 10 batters. If he keeps it up, I think there will be very little debate about who goes 1-1. At that point are the Twins left choosing between a high school arm (been burned by that at this spot before) and a toolsy high-school outfielder? Or do they take another highly rated college pitcher like Gausman?

    It's not that I don't like the thought of having an "Upton-type" in the outfield. I just like the thought of having a "Verlander-type" on the mound every fifth day.
  7. clutterheart's Avatar
    Many people have been down on Appel these days. But I still think the twins will take him. That 97 MPH will tough for them to pass up.
  8. Steve Lein's Avatar
    Thanks for bringing up A-Rod, kinda mad I forgot about him as I actually saw him play in A-Ball for the Appleton Foxes when I was a kid. He still didn't stick until '96 though.
  9. twinsarmchairgm's Avatar
    A-Rod was drafted in 93' and made his debut in'94
  10. Steve Lein's Avatar
    Has a high school draftee ever made it to the majors in 1-2 years? Fastest moving player I can remember was Ken Griffey Jr., and he made his MLB debut in his 3rd season. With the Twins way of player development, I think this scenario is impossible.
  11. diehardtwinsfan's Avatar
    I'm with thrylos on this one, I want Giolioto with that pick if he's still on the board... we have plenty of toolsy OF prospects, so taking a year off and going after a guy that could anchor the rotation for the next 6 or so years would be wise... I'm not sure, however, that he can be in the bigs in 2 years... he is a highschool prospect. That said, he definitely would deepen the farm system quite a bit.
  12. twinsarmchairgm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jnygaard
    The Twins just have to take an arm. Whoever the Astros don't take has to be the guy. If the Astros mess up and don't take a pitcher... well, then I'm not sure who I like more...
    I dont know if we have to take an arm, I agree we have a desperate need for high end pitching prospects, but I think we have to take the best player available at #2 and whether that is is Giolito, Buxton, or Appel will be determined this spring. In my opinion, I would rank those three Giolito, Buxton, Appel and would be thrilled if the Twins land any of them.
  13. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thrylos98
    Giolioto is number one in my book. This kid can be MLB-ready in 1-2 years. One of the best high school pitching prospects this millennium
    If he was in College, maybe. No way he makes it to the majors within 2 years. The twins keep their higschoolers and Younger signees in the low levels for a long time.
  14. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    The Twins just have to take an arm. Whoever the Astros don't take has to be the guy. If the Astros mess up and don't take a pitcher... well, then I'm not sure who I like more...
  15. twinsarmchairgm's Avatar
    The more I read on Giolito and Appel the more I lean towards Giolito, even if takes longer to be ready. I think 1 to 2 years would be extremely quick even for a guy like Giolito. I think realistically if he is up in 3-4 and that would be tremendous and a testament to what type of player he is
  16. Thrylos's Avatar
    Giolioto is number one in my book. This kid can be MLB-ready in 1-2 years. One of the best high school pitching prospects this millennium
  17. sln477's Avatar
    I am the eternal optimist when it comes to the Twins, therefore I am buying into the hope. We, as armchair GM's, are always quick to point out the obvious after it happens; & are quick to judge how we would shape our roster. It must be remembered that it just isn't that easy. The club has to make decisions that are based on contractual obligations to every player on the roster. The decisions that need to be made are difficult at best. The Twins, for years, used a stop gap method of filling their roster with role players to surround the few stars the team had with good success. The Twins molded these players to play the "Twins way" & the moderate success we had prior to Target Field worked fairly well. I feel 2012 is similar to those "Dome" years, as we had to find pieces to fill the voids to try & put a competitive team on the field. Mr. Ryan has done a decent job in filling those needs & is shaping the team for a bright future (perhaps not this year). We have so many question marks to contend with; SP, health, fundamentals, etc; it is hard to fathom how well we will do this year. I look at it as starting out fresh, sit back & look at long term obligations while shaping the roster to open up salary room, develop players in the minors, & position the Twins for future success. GO TWINS!!
  18. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    Not me get ready for another 90 loss season. Worst starting rotation and bullpen in MLB.
  19. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I think this is a great posting and consistent with the frustrations I have been having with a lot of Twins fans I know. So many casual fans don't seem to realize that just because we have a lot more revenue with Target Field we cannot and should not just blindly spend money. It seems that I hear three catch phrases over and over: 1) How can they reduce payroll when they have a nice new ballpark and all this revenue?, 2) They told us if we build them a new ballpark they would have the money to prevent their free agents from walking, and 3) How can they not spend the money to keep a guy like Cuddy since he was the best thing they had going last year. I think people fail to realize that when the payroll was at about $115 million it was actually more than what was promised when Target Field was built, so as Twinsarmchairgm already stated, it makes sense not to make a lot of significant financial commitments going into a year where there are so many question marks. I think a lot of people forget that there is the possibility to make in-season moves if the season is going well. As far as people complaining about letting Nathan, Cuddyer, and Kubel walk, that does not mean the Twins are cheap. Would anyone have seriously wanted us to outbid the Rangers to keep a 37 year old reliever coming off TJ surgery who hasn't shown that he is going to regain his old form? People complaining about not signing Cuddyer probably frustrate me the most. People have gotten so endeared with him over small stretches of success that they overlook how extremely average he is. The offer the Twins made to him was extremely fair and maybe on the edge of over paying, so if he didn't want to take it then you just wish him well. You just don't over pay a fan-favorite who is an extremely average player when you are trying to recover from some of the stupid decisions that have been made in recent years.

    As far as the Mauer bashing goes, I am mainly frustrated with Jim Souhan. In at least two separate articles (one this past summer and one more recently) he has made bold accusations that there are a large number of anonymous teammates and employees within the organization that roll their eyes behind Mauer's back and cannot stand him. To me, that is just classless reporting. He is either exaggerating or if the claims are true but the people giving Souhan this information want to remain anonymous then you just don't report it. If you are going to attack a guy's character to that degree, then you better be able to name some names.

    I know this is kind of a long rant. I just get frustrated with people that want to throw an organization under the bus that has been successful for so long. Don't get me wrong, I think true fans will often criticize their team but it needs to be done intelligently, constructively, and without blindly accepting as fact assumptions that are thrown out in the media.
  20. denarded's Avatar
    Here, here. I don't know if we're division winners, but I doubt we're cellar dwellers, injuries or not
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