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  1. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I've had similar expereinces with Mason City... afternoon games aren't generally carried.

    Living in Cedar Rapids, we're in a similar dead zone. The only MLB radio carried is the ESPN Radio affiliate, which carries many, but not all, of the WSox games. I subscribe to MLB.tv, even though the entire state is subject to blackout for all 6 MLB teams in surrounding states. The upside to that is that it comes with MLB AtBat, which allows me to bring in Twins radio broadcasts on my smartphone (if I'm in out and about) and on the computer (if I'm home).

    I'm hopeful that the local Class A team in CR might switch from their Angels affiliation to the Twins next year. If that should happen, there's a decent chance we start seeing a bit more media interest in the Twins in eastern Iowa anyway.
  2. TKGuy's Avatar
    I live in SE Iowa and Yankton never carries afternoon games, even when they were winning division titles
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Any chance you could post the numbers of those who are doing the best?
  4. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    dont think anyone can trend the numbers into anything positive about short season ball.
    Matt Summers, BJ Hermsen & Liam Hendriks are about it
  5. mike wants wins's Avatar
    Awesome defense of Ryan and rip of Smith...does anyone think anything changed in the farm system in the 3 years Smith was in charge? And, it isn't Ryan's last draft. Three years, now, three years, name the legit prospects that have come up to the Twins and helped in the last three years.

    As for Smith vs Ryan and what the difference of philosophy was, we don't really know what the disagreement was, from what I recall. It's all been conjecture.
  6. twinswon1991's Avatar
    Terry Ryan didn't think this team should rebuild. If so, why sign washed up no-good vets like Marquis, Carroll and Capps to above market deals? And to give up a suppemental pick to sign Capps again shows that Ryan doesn't get it and he was "going for it" instead of rebuilding after a 99 loss year. Ryan's poor scouting has contributed to the poor minor league system as well.

    Ryan has every reason to be fired just like Smith did but Terry is a cheap GM so he will keep his job. Terry's track record is great but it is obvious the game has passed him by and he will run this franchise further into the ground.
  7. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    My understanding of Smith's firing was that he thought 2011 was mostly about injuries and that we would be fine by getting people back to health and just tweaking things a little bit. Pretty much the opposite of rebuilding. I really don't get the arguments for firing Ryan. Everyone says he didn't do enough to address this or that, but with the restrictions that were put on him what more could he have done? There were too many poor decisions made while Ryan was away that left too many holes on this roster to fix them all in one offseason with the payroll restrictions put in place by ownership. People also argue that Ryan's last draft is why we don't have enough MLB ready talent at the AAA level. To that, I would say even the best GM can't get every draft right. It also doesn't help when the GM that replaces you trades away top prospects for marginal relief pitching (i.e. Ramos for Capps). I would also like to point out that Ryan didn't have control over how the players in his last draft were developed. Even if you draft exceptional talent, if the oversight of the farm system starts to erode under the new GM your prospects aren't going to develop properly. People also like to argue that Ryan has culpability for some of Smith's poor decisions because he one of Smith's advisers. I am sure Ryan gave advice when asked, but Smith's decisions were Smith's decisions. I don't think the Pohlad's would have fired Smith and replaced him with Ryan if Ryan was the driving force behind many of Smith's personnel decisions. That is enough of a rant about the Ryan issue. I don't think Ryan does everything perfect. But he does have a great track record as a GM/talent evaluator and given time I have faith that he can get the Twins back to being a model organization. It's just not going to happen over night and we need to accept that.
  8. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    I would hope that all of the fans screaming for Ryan to be fired are reading the comments here and understanding that any GM working for the Pohlads will be working with the same restraints we have now. Most people don't realize how lucky we are he came back.
  9. Boom Boom's Avatar
    Ryan would have said the team was going to be OK with quick fixes regardless of what he really thought. The Twins didn't want to declare they're rebuilding because it would hurt gate revenue.
  10. silverslugger's Avatar
    Thanks for the clarification, that explanation certainly makes more sense. One has to wonder then if spending an extra 15-20 million could've netted enough starting pitching to make this team a contender. (Did I even type that?)
  11. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    That's the way I interpreted it as well -- that Smith wanted to keep payroll near or above 2011 amounts and the Pohlads weren't willing to do so.

    I really thought it was Smith who didn't think rebuilding was necessary and that they would "be okay" with just a few additions & changes. I call that the "recapture 2010 glory philosophy".

    I really don't see Ryan rebuilding either but he's doing it on the "spend 15% - 20% less" philosophy.
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    From what it leaked out there, Smith got canned because he pushed back on the spending limits and wanted to spend more money than the Pohlads wanted him to spend. Opposite of rebuilding
  13. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Guys like Thomas are around so that guys like Revere, Benson and Tosoni can develop more. Develop more for next season, when the Twins hope to be competitive again. That's why Parmelee should be in Rochester getting at bats every day.
  14. shs_59's Avatar
    yep exactly, theres no way Benson is ready now, neither if Parmelee for that matter....you need guys like Thomas to be that platoon starter, 4th OF...type untill at least well, about mid-season. Then hopefully one of Revere or Benson EARNS their way back up with Minny.
  15. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Hey Ho Silver Slugger. Thomas is just filler, but he could be a decent 4th OFer. Benson will definitely get his shot, not now, but soon. Parmelee needs no more seasoning. He is ready to hit, hit, and hit and will be a a proficient Outfielder. If Thomas pushes Parmelee to Rochester, there should be outrage, but I think Parm has become one of Gardy and Ryan's favorites. Unless he falls flat on his face, Parm is in the bigs to stay.
  16. TwinsFanLV's Avatar
    Amen! When are the Twins going to find a pitcher with the guts to knock a guy down once in a while? I'm in 100% agreement with you brother!

    Best post I've read at Twins Daily!
  17. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Mauer, Span, and Morneau are the best overall hitters. Willingham and X (hopefully Valencia) are in the second tier. The best overall should bat 1,2 and 4 with the speedy obp guy 1 and the slugger 4. A slugger should also bat third. So I would go Span, Mauer, Willingham, Morneau, Valencia, Doumit . . .
  18. CDog's Avatar
    Perkins didn't pitch Opening Day. The end.
  19. jm3319's Avatar
    I agree, it's one game. People need to relax and let them play a few games before jumping to conclusions. And can we please stop blaming Mauer for his contract? Tripling a guy's salary doesn't mean he will triple his output. If your company approached you with a huge raise, you'd accept it no question. You wouldn't say, "hey, i might not be worth that much, I'll work for only this much instead." The GM/owner offered that contract and Mauer signed it. Blame the guys who wrote the contract, not the guy who signed it.
  20. MileHighTwinsFan's Avatar
    Is this a joke? They have played one game.
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