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  1. Quick quiz hotshot....(For the sake of speculation)

    What if Arcia goes all Wilson Ramos during the Angels series? Can you justify sending him down with your starting CF hitting right around Courtney James' and Antoine Broxsie's combined GPA? If Arcia shows a glimmer of his AAA stats, it's time to give the Mastro a good shin guard and let him roam CF for at least the next couple months, while Hicks builds his confidence in AAA. So where do you put Arcia, you might ask? I'm thinking as a DH/RF platoon with Parmelee as Doumit is hitting about as ...
  2. The move the Twins need to make....RIGHT NOW!

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    Ben Revere needs to be on the Twins roster and starting in Right Field. Period. There....I said it.

    I know, Darin Mastroianni had that cute game the other night, and Komatsu is a Rule 5 player, but honestly what do these two players bring to the table that Ben Revere doesn't? Revere has proved capable every time he has been brought up, and has even provided some moments of excitement. Outside of Wilkin Ramirez and Pedro Florimon, Revere has been ...
  3. Darkest Before the Dawn

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    After reading (and wholeheartedly agreeing) with Nick Nelson's latest post "Dark Days in Minnesota", the title of this entry immediately weasled it's way into the forefront of my brain, wedging its way in-between my (hopefully irrational) fear that the Minnesota legislature is about to screw the pooch all the way to LA, and the YouTube video where Kate Upton does the Cat Daddy (whatever that is). After watching the last seven months or so of Twins ...
  4. Premature Speculation

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    Coupled with the lousy start, the constant Jim Wacker-esque obscure positive spins and excuse making, there is a growing sentiment around the Twins fanbase that sweeping changes need to be made within the organization, starting with management. Short of Lou Brown rising from the grave to turn around the Twins season, it might be time to start thinking about putting Gardenhire and his staff out to pasture at season's end. While it's easy put the blame on the ...
  5. How long until the revolution starts?

    Six and Sixteen. The worst record in Major League Baseball. Let that sink in for a second. Now....

    We gave the Pohlads their precious stadium, and I can only imagine they've all developed Scoliosis from sitting on their cash-filled hands because they haven't done a thing to put an appealing product on the field in the last two years. They just sit back and light their cuban cigars with the $20 we plunked down for a hot dog and a beer at their monument to excess. We're quickly ...
  6. Bullpen Farmhands

    Quote Originally Posted by SirLoin View Post
    If you listen to the likes of Bonnes and Gleeman (which I do), Jeff Gray is the relief pitcher equivalent of Drew Butera. That being said, I'd like to get some insight on some relief pitcher prospects we have in the system. The first two that come to mind are Deolis Guerra and Cole DeVries.

    Guerra - Just how hard does this guy throw? He's been downright nasty so far in AA. He's had a cup of coffee with Rochester, as a starter I believe. How much longer does he have to keep up this
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