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  1. Game Thread: Twins @ Indians, 5/7 @ 6:05 pm CT

    Quote Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
    I will now eat fajitas and watch Monument Men.
    Please report. Movie, not fajitas. Unless...explosive d... Aaanyway. Looks like a Monumental (no, not sorry) story, and a cast kinda like a 60/70's about WWII like Midway, Battle of the Bugle (sp!), but something seemed a bit off. Interested in your finding. Be creatively deceptive if you respond. Word is MLB is watching.
  2. Game Thread: Twins v Dodgers double-header, 5/1 @ 12:10pm and 6:10 CT

    Quote Originally Posted by ChiTownTwinsFan View Post
    Omg. This is not a fun game to watch.
    Well said. If the Twins were publicly owned, this would be in the opening statement of a prosecution against ownership. Nobody's perfect, you can't win 'em all, etc. But enough is enough.
  3. Game Thread: Twins v A's, 4/9@ 12:10pm CT

    Quote Originally Posted by crarko View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    6. Think about Burton and 6a. think about Tonkin.
    Was in fact thinking it's time for the Tonkin Resolution.
    The one regarding his golf game?
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