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Fire Dan Gladden

  1. The Apocolypse Is Here!!

    The Twins did not make any deadline moves! Hide your women and children!

    Anybody listed as non-player personnel in the Twins organization beware of flash mobs of angry Twins "fans" distrought over the fact that there were no trades today.

    Ron Gardenhire - You will be doomed to write the same lineup as yesterday! The horror!

    No trades to complain about how we were hosed!! No new players to mock and ridicule!!

    Terry Ryan... can only ...
  2. Twins Daily commentors and my 2-year old

    Ok. So Liriano has been traded to the White Sox for two marginal prospects. Let's look at at a few things we can assume to be correct:

    1) The Twins were not going to offer Liriano the $12.5 mil qualifying offer at the end of the year.
    2) The Twins do not want to roll the dice with Liriano in the future (ie long term contract).
    3) The Twins made the best deal they could as the deadline approached. Like it or not, 2 low level prospects was it.

    Now, Let's look ...
  3. Why you won't see the Twins make any major moves in the near future

    There is an awful lot of noise being written about how the Twins should blow up their team for prospects, fire the entire staff or administration for some new direction, or call up everybody with a pulse to see how they perform in the "big show". I don't believe you will see any of that happen. I actually believe the Twins won't make any major moves at all. Here's why:

    The Twins looked at 2011 and basically chalked it up to a mulligan. With all of the injuries, and poor ...
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