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  1. Game 1 of 162

    I don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm hung up on one or two solitary moments in what will be a series of moments as the long season marches on.

    Some moments will go our way and some moments won't. That's baseball in a nutshell.

    With that said... I would like to revisit the 8th inning of the season opener yesterday to make a broader point.

    The Twins were in position to win the game. Vance Worley was out dueled by Verlander but the Vanimal did ...
  2. The Great 2012 Mulligan Do-Over

    The title of this blog is “The Great 2012 Mulligan do-over”. The alternate title that I was thinking of using was “This is a complete waste of time and yours but take a look anyway”. Another title under consideration was “How I spend my days at home as I use my vacation time before the end of the year” and perhaps the best title, that I didn’t use was “The Longest Blog in Twins History”.

    I put a lot of time into this and some may find it interesting, if they can actually make it ...
  3. Small Potatoes

    The Godfather II is one of the greatest movies of all time. The dialogue in the movie is top notch and worthy of the first class plot line.

    One scene (of many) that struck me in the movie was the meeting between Michael and Hyman Roth at his Florida home. In the discussion between the two heavyweights. Michael discussed the fate of Pentangeli saying that "Pentangeli is a dead man". For someone as powerful as Michael to make such a strong statement about the life of a human ...

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