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  1. darin617's Avatar
    Well said, this could have been from last season when they cleaned house besides keeping Gardy and his BFF Rick Anderson. I would also love some new owners that care about putting a good product on the field instead of making $100M+ every year.
  2. stringer bell's Avatar
    I checked the usual suspects for homers by a Twins second baseman. Bernie Allen hit 12 in his rookie year (1962), Rod Carew hit 13 as a 2B in 1975. Chuck Knoblauch hit 13 in '96, Todd Walker hit 12 in 1998, and the current single season home run leader as a second baseman is Tim Tuefel with 14 in 1984.
  3. Thegrin's Avatar
    You are 100% spot on with this article. Dozier is the best thing to come out of this season.
  4. stringer bell's Avatar
    JB, I think that is semantics. They are rebuilding and Ryan is saying that almost everyone is on the table to be moved (Mauer has the no trade). IMHO, except for the Marlins and Astros, the Twins have the longest way to go. There's talent in the minors, but most of it is a long way away. They really, really need to "hit" on pitchers.
  5. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    #1 The Twins need to admit they are in rebuilding mode not just "trade mode"
  6. beckmt's Avatar
    I feel they should ship any veteran that they can get a decent return for. This includes Perkins. Arcia may need to return to Rochester for a breather, but Parmelee needs to step up or Twins should consider what to do for a 1st baseman for the next few years.
  7. howieramone's Avatar
    Completely agree.
  8. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Good stuff; very thorough! I am hoping to see a note in the near future that Pinto has been called up to Rochester. I hope we see him in the September call-ups too.
  9. stringer bell's Avatar
    The move to third was really bad, but in general that's not as bad a move (with one out) as it might seem. A lot of time you can sucker a SS to make a hurried throw to third and get both runners safe. Segura was moving toward third and got the ball without diving, so Pedro was a dead duck unless there was a bad throw. The next batter (Dozier) walked, so the Twins ended up with Mauer at the plate with a chance to take the lead on a base hit, but Florimon shouldn't have gone. He's still not a complete player by any means, but far better than I was giving him credit for.
  10. AScheib50's Avatar
    I don't get to see a lot of Twins games in person due to my location, but I was in Milwaukee for the 14 inning game and walked away conflicted by Florimon. It was a one game sample, of course. The first like 7 innings he looked great. Showed good defense and made some great rangy plays. He chased down a fly ball in mid left field that I thought would drop for sure. So I was impressed there.

    But then the wheels came off late in the game. He botched a double play in the 9th, which actually didn't burn the Twins. Then he made a very questionable play going to third on a GB to short and was gunned down by Jean Segura.

    His stamp was all over that game, both good and bad. It had me kicking around the idea of a blog post about the Two sides of Pedro Florimon. He showed he definitely has the tools, just maybe lacks focus from time to time.
  11. Joe A. Preusser's Avatar
    Nice summation, I would agree with most or all of your conclusions. Parm and Doz have been nice surprises in the field, but I did expect more by now from both of their bats. Floriman has shown he could be a starting SS option for a playoff team.
  12. beckmt's Avatar
    He is likely not to make it here. Maybe he needs to get to a real bad team with no pressure to work things out.
  13. beckmt's Avatar
    Dozier has about another year to prove himself. Hicks I think will stay, needs to walk and hit a little better. Parmelee is the question, he needs to hit and is not. He may already be on the way out.
  14. fairweather's Avatar
    It sure would be nice if Hendriks or Walters or Deduno or Henandez or somebody could step up and surprise everyone like Diamond did last year.
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    Great article. Agree with most of the comments. Gibson should be up after 1 - 2 more good starts in Rochester. Do not want the prospects to be so overwhelmed that they lose confidence and become useless to the team. Hope Thielbar becomes useful and can replace Duensing as the Twins Left Handed Reliever.
  16. stringer bell's Avatar
    Quick comment on ex-Twins: Three OFs off to fast starts--Torii, Cuddy, and Gomez. AJ has been solid, Span and Jones have been pretty good. Ramos and Kubel are on the DL. Delmon Young and Frankie Liriano are close to making their debuts after being disabled. Pitching: Despite no wins, Kevin Slowey has been very good for the Marlins. RA Dickey hasn't had Cy Young form, but I don't think many expected him to do that. Alex Burnett has ended up on the Orioles roster and Luis Ayala was traded, but is still in the majors. Struggling: Philip Humber 0-5 with a near 8 ERA and JJ Hardy under the Mendoza line.
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  17. stringer bell's Avatar
    Make it five candidates for the rotation--I forgot De Vries.
  18. Old Twins Cap's Avatar
    The Twins look terrible right now. The only good thing is that it is early. The Angels look bad right now, so take it with a grain of salt. However, at some point, after two years of misery and now the beginning of a third year, there has to be some accountability. Why Gardenhire gets a free pass in all this is beyond me. He reams Hicks for not hustling out a pop-fly that he gets to second on. But, the day before, he lets Correia blow a winnable game because, well, it's His game to lose, not the team's. I don't get it. When a team plays like this, you usually hold the manager accountable. But, for whatever reason, in Minnesota, it's everybody else's fault, not Gardy's. It ain't working out. Gardy is not a bad guy, probably not even a bad manager. But there comes a time when a new face, a new approach makes a big difference. That time is now.
  19. Teflon's Avatar
    Mike Marshall had a doctorate degree in kinesiology - which is the study of the human body in motion - so was less a freak of nature than he was a studied master of his discipline. Marshall, like Campbell, (and Tug McGraw) threw a very effective screwball as an out pitch - something you don't see much anymore.
  20. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    And Mike Trout is playing somewhere on the west coast.

    Wait, that was just a dream I had.
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