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  1. The Merry-Go-Round Rotation

    Francisco Liriano needs to miss two starts to clear his head, Carl Pavano needs a couple extra days rest to fix his velocity. Between those two pitchers and the others in the rotation that have had injuries and needed extra time off, the Twins' rotation has started coming apart at the seams...and it is only April 30th! With the front office not looking (or even pretending they are looking) to bring in some new faces, I am not entirely sure how the rotation expects to survive the season. A few different ...

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  2. With Baker done, where do the Twins go from here?

    With pitcher Scott Baker out for the 2012 season with upcoming Tommy John surgery, the Twins are now down to just Carl Pavano, Jason Marquis and Francisco Liriano remaining from their original starting rotation. Marquis is slated to make his Twins debut against the Yankees today after missing the first part of the season so be with his daughter as she recovers from a bicycle accident and Liriano is fresh off a dismal 2.1 inning start that saw the Twins fall 8-3 in New York on Tuesday night. While ...
  3. When are the Twins going to get serious?

    Nine games into the season, the Minnesota Twins sit with a record of 2-7. This is second only to the San Diego Padres who hold a record of 2-8. After pulling out two wins against the Los Angeles Angels, the Twins were swept by the high powered Texas Rangers in three games. Two steps forward, three giant flops back. Is there a method to this madness?

    The blame game has been in full tilt already this season ranging from blaming the lack of home runs on the stadium design (Jim Thome sure

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  4. Is it too early for the Twins to panic?

    After dropping the home opener 5-1 to the Angels, the Twins find themselves as the only American League team without a win this season. Yes, it has only been 4 games. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is quick to remind the media and fans of that however, is it too early to panic? This author thinks that the panic button should be pushed and pushed hard right now.

    In 2011, the Twins began the season 1-3 on their way to a 63-99 record. While a teamís record through 4 games is hardly indicative ...

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