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  1. Minor League Bargaining Chips

  2. Minor League Bargaining Chips

    Assuming Sano and Buxton are off the table, and with Rasario in the penalty box, has anyone offered say a list of our top 5 prospects as viable trade chips?
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  3. 3 Things

    3 thoughts, two of which won't be news to you:
    1. Who made you more nervous as closer Matt Capps or Eddie Guardado?
    2. Larger number at season end: Josh Willingham home runs or errors?
    3. Does anyone else think Jamie Carrol is Peter Dinklage's twin?
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  4. Ode to BatGirl

    Will there ever be a way
    To choose a Boyfriend of the Day
    From this team all too easy to jeer
    I guess I'll try tomorrow
    Maybe Justin or Liriano
    But for now it's a shot and a beer!

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