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  1. Expectations for Free Agent Starting Pitchers

    We've all been woefully disappointed by Ricky Nolasco so far. We've all been pleasantly pleased by Phil Hughes so far. We've had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Mike Pelfrey. We've been satisfied with Kevin Correia after some initial hatred.

    Bringing in four free agents to fill the rotation over two years is a departure from the norm for our Twins. Signing two of them to multi-year deals that were both worth more than the previous team-high free agent contract (Willingham, $21M) ...

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  2. Are the Twins Missing Out on Starting Pitchers?

    We've seen a lot of rumors. We've seen a lot of quotes. We've been on this road before, right? Show me the proof, we say. Show me a capable starting pitcher standing in front of a press conference who has penned his name to a new, free agent contract with our local squad that is worth more than most of us will earn in a lifetime.

    There's been no shortage of skepticism in Twins Daily-land -- and probably rightfully so. Some voices have said, "Keep calm and carry on." But why ...
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