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News about the technical wizardry of Twins Daily. Did you know that someone actually weighed the internet once? It was really exciting.

  1. Etiquette, the Internet, and You

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ID:	1813For the second consecutive season, the Twins have been a pretty awful baseball team to watch. As long-time Minnesota fans, we at Twins Daily understand that. I'm not a Vikings fans so maybe I don't understand it quite as much as some of you saps, but I still understand the sentiment behind being very, very angry at your favorite team. Some of this frustration boils over into the comments section of articles and into the TD forums.

    Lately, it's been a bit ...
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  2. Announcing Twins Daily, Read in the Bathroom version!

    Twins Daily was a bit tricky to navigate on smartphones. While the full version is great for desktop browsing, it left something to be desired on your Android/iPhone/iPod devices.

    Well, that has changed. Some of you may have noticed that when browsing on your smartphone, you're automatically redirected to a new version of the site that is designed specifically for the requirements of a smaller screen. Most (if not all) of the same functionality is there, now it's just smaller and simpler ...
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  3. About me, BYTO, and Twins Daily

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    Some of you may know me already from my stewardship of Battle Your Tail Off over the past 6+ years or you may only know me by reputation (heh). Moving forward, we're going to work to integrate the BYTO and Twins Daily communities in an attempt to create the most lively, interesting discussion of the Twins anywhere on the internet. My background is of a technical nature; I've spent the past decade as an illustrator, graphic designer, and web developer. You won't ...
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