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  1. Jim H's Avatar
    This looks and sounds like cherry picking to prove a point. Many of the pitchers on this list had very good years for the Twins, having injury plagued years that skewed their overall numbers, or like LaTroy found their roles with the Twins after struggling as young pitchers.

    I also note that you don't mention any pitchers who pitched worse after they left or pitched better for the Twins than they did previously for anyone else.

    I suspect because pitchers are so inconsistent throughout their careers, you could do this kind of thing to just about any team.
  2. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    think Rick Anderson is one of the biggest reasons for the decline in the team. Hate him.
    Guys dont respect him & players get worse pitching for him.
  3. Thrylos's Avatar
    You are welcome! A bonus profile is coming up in minutes
  4. mike wants wins's Avatar
    It was a good series, thanks for doing all the work.
  5. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    J-Dog, no "now" he isn't. Going into the season he was. That will change for some people. I had him at 50+ (51 here). But he actually isn't going to jump that much.

    Take from that what you will--either the Twins are really starved for MLB-ready pitchers, or there is actually more talent in the system than a lot of people know about. Last year's draft was big for that.
  6. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    What happened to Waldrop? i thought that he was one of the Twins last cuts before ST ended because he was injured, and now he is #66?
  7. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    The one-stop shop for prospect lists. I have compiled a master using 4 lists before . . . and that was a lot. Great work!

    And your brief analysis is correct. The (middle) infield has some potential if Levi Michael and Tyler Grimes get it going, Danny Santana continues doing what he is doing, and Eddie Rosario sticks at second. Third base is a big hole unless Sano stays there. Like . . . they got Jairo Perez and Anderson Hidalgo sorta playing those positions.

    But it is all about pitching. The system is full of guys who could be 5th starters and middle relievers. Other than that, injuries are causing major problems.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    True, Jlovren, but he is left-handed. Lefties are a different breed and the Twins have a dearth of them at the moment.
  9. jlovren's Avatar
    I hope the Twins pass on this guy. Nowhere on this resume does it scream I can shut someone down.
  10. jlovren's Avatar
    He would be an excellent choice as a second rounder, however I do not think he will last that long. Definite reach at 2.
  11. jlovren's Avatar
    While he seems all right, college pitchers are 4X more likely to make it to the bigs, and the Twins need a guy in the minors who can rise quickly and have a low chance of getting hurt (of course, that is what everyone said about Wimmers and Gibson, but then they got hurt, but still.)
    I agree, the Twins need pitching help that will rise quickly through the minors. High school players need time to develop and while there are a lot of great prospects out there the Twins need to think about the very near future. Unless of course there is a big time arm out there that throughs in the upper 90's and has a minimum of three out pitches. The Twins (sad to say) would pass on that guy because he does not pitch to contact.
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    He needs to work on his command as well. Some people have been critisizing his mechanics (they say that he is doing the "dreadful inverted W"). He needs to work on his change up big time as well as on his curve. So... lots of things as you would expect from a High School kid. The key is how fast a High School kid can learn. That is where gambling takes place in the draft

    As far as dropping: I suspect that he will pitch for scouts some time soon (he has been throwing) and that there are medical records readily available to the teams. If all of those go well, I do not see him drop much. Regardless, I don's see him drop out of the top 20 picks. Whether he would sign at #20 or so, that's another question...
  13. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Is his slow delivery the only thing people see that he needs to work on, and is he going to drop in the draft with the injury he received?
  14. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by whydidnt
    Uggh, has the Twins organization slipped to the bottom of the league rankings? Considering we are the worst team in the majors and it appears at least 3/4 of the players in the minors are struggling, what the heck is going on?
    No... 3/4 of the minors are not struggling

    they just have worse OPS than Hicks. He is doing fine and they are doing fine. New Britain and Beloit are very competitive in their leagues and might win it all this season. When the Rookie leagues open, E-town will be a force to reckon with. GCL will depend on drafting, but based on the DSL imports they will also be great.

    Lots of good players in the system.
  15. whydidnt's Avatar
    Uggh, has the Twins organization slipped to the bottom of the league rankings? Considering we are the worst team in the majors and it appears at least 3/4 of the players in the minors are struggling, what the heck is going on?
  16. Thrylos's Avatar
    The list is overall YTD-based performance based, that's why they are not here. It is not a slice in time list.
    Also, batting average is one of the considerations. Sano at this point has the highest OPS in the organization at any level. If I put Hicks on this list, 3/4 of the organization would also need to be in it.
  17. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    Sano is hitting 216 in his last 10 games , Rosario is batting 162 in his last 10 games. Why they arent on your list is mind-blowing
  18. LaBombo's Avatar
    Hicks easily makes the conversation for disappointing outfielders. He's batting just .239/.325/.384 with 41 K's to 19 BB's in 138 AB's. It's his first go at AA pitching, so it's not time to panic, but if he's still struggling against righties later in the season, then the Twins need to scrap the switch hitting and have him start batting right-handed.
  19. PopRiveter's Avatar
    Disappointing to see Benson falter right when he should be stepping into position with the bug club.
  20. Thrylos's Avatar
    I decided to do the ones I have ranked as the top 22 (since I had 22 days until the end of this month.) pitchers. Buttery did not the cut. I think that he is not a consensus first rounder. He is a high school pitcher and there are probably 7-8 high school pitchers who are better than at this point
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