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  1. Steve Lein's Avatar
    This... is flat out ridiculous.

    Gardenhire has every right in the world to go be with his family on an occasion such as this, and it has absolutely zero relation to "abandoning" his team that isn't playing well. The situations you're trying to connect together are mutually exclusive.
  2. SweetOne69's Avatar
    If this han't been planned weeks ago, I would agree with you. But since it was scheduled ahead of time that he would miss the enitre series, I have no issues with it.
  3. TiberTwins's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TiberTwins
    Your penchant for ridding the team of Gardy is well known and documented. That being said, I agree with the analogy of the captain leaving the ship. He seems less and less in control of this team and not willing to do what it takes to right the ship. In those situations in professional sports, where the manager/coach has lost his team, teams usually get rid of them. But... that is not the "Twins Way."
    Reading some of the quotes, I need to clarify that I agree that this is not the issue that should get him fired. My point is that he has lost this team and they don't want/care to play for him. For that fact, he needs to move on.
  4. Boom Boom's Avatar
    At the time this was planned Gardy didn't know just how bad it would be for the team right now. Your analogy doesn't fit unless Gardy decides to suddenly take an extra day or two off while he's gone.
  5. scottz's Avatar
    While I get the analogy and agree that the timing couldn't really have been worse, I can't go so far as to say this is in any way equivalent to the Maritime Law of leaving those in your charge in harm's way. There are many professions in the world, and for those of us who have a job that allows us leave for family time, it is a perk that is greatly appreciated.

    I believe that MLB instituting bereavement and paternity-type allowances, and individual ballclubs allowing their coaches and players to take time away for family matters is nothing but a good thing. I hope Gardy is able to enjoy the ceremony and give his daughter a big hug and tell her how proud he is of her, and I hope his attendance gives her a memory that lasts her entire lifetime.

    I think it is time for the Twins to move on front current field staff, but Gardy going to his daughter's graduation has no place in that discussion.

  6. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    You know it's bad when your pitcher of the week only throws 2 innings
  7. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I understand that you want Gardenhire gone. However, I think there are plenty of reasons that could be cited for letting Gardenhire go without beating this college graduation issue to death. Is it physically possible for him to go to the graduation and not miss any of the Seattle games? Assuming your research is correct, the answer is yes. However, I don't think it makes much sense for him to do that for several reasons. College graduations are a big deal and your family should be a top priority. Swooping in for the ceremony/luncheon and then leaving right away would send a pretty strong message to his daughter about where his priorities are. If that was my parent, I would rather they just didn't come at all. I am assuming that he has a certain number of personal days in his contract to use for these sorts of things and that this leave has the blessing of ownership. Right now, this team is unbelievably sucky and him not being there for a few days is not going to make a difference. In fact, him not being there might be beneficial in allowing him to take a step back and reevaluate. I do not think it sends any kind of bad message to the players because I think it shows them that he is not going to let tough times cloud his judgment and alter his priorities.

    Don't get me wrong. I think there is good chance that Gardenhire and his staff will be gone before this team once again becomes competitive. I just don't think this is something to be held against him.
  8. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I get that you hate Gardenhire and all that, but when you go to this extreme, it doesn't help your cause at all. It just shows that you'll stop at very little when it comes to bashing the guy.

    You do realize flights,both private and commercial, get delayed or even cancelled, right? Rule one of travel is that you NEVER leave yourself without contingency options if you've got a critical event to attend. One big thunderhead over the Rockies and he misses his daughter's graduation.

    As someone who's traveled a fair amount for work and gone to some pretty questionable extremes at times to avoid missing my kids' events, big and small, I'll just say that if anyone suggested I do what you're suggesting Gardy should have done, I'd tell them exactly what they could do with their suggestion... and it probably wouldn't be anatomically possible.

    Questioning strategic decisions, baseball smarts, control of the clubhouse... all are legitimate nits to pick if you're so inclined. But questioning a guy making damn sure he's there and able to enjoy his daughter's graduation is out of line, in my opinion.
  9. TiberTwins's Avatar
    Your penchant for ridding the team of Gardy is well known and documented. That being said, I agree with the analogy of the captain leaving the ship. He seems less and less in control of this team and not willing to do what it takes to right the ship. In those situations in professional sports, where the manager/coach has lost his team, teams usually get rid of them. But... that is not the "Twins Way."
  10. Thrylos's Avatar
    Here are Mastroianni's total numbers after Friday's game.

    His AA stint was not good. Right now he has enough PAs in AAA to hit a respectable .274/.338/.315 overall, which is good enough to get him of this list in the next iterration.
  11. Neinstein's Avatar
    He's hitting .395 after Friday's game.
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    Down to .290 in AAA and to .243 overall (and .557 overall OPS) right now
  13. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    He's at .370 after Wednesday night. At this rate, if you wait a couple more weeks before taking him off, he'll be batting 1.162.
  14. Thrylos's Avatar
    Yeah. Give him a couple weeks and will be off the list.
  15. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    My guy Mastroianni is hitting .304 at AAA, after a slow start in AA New Britain. That ought to be enough to get him off the not-hot list.
  16. Thrylos's Avatar
    They might get there, esp. Pinto, but nobody is there yet. I am glad that there are LH SPs because for a couple years the only one there was Danny Osterbrock and we know that he is no more
  17. shs_59's Avatar
    LOL @ Teflon, not sure i get the joke?

    Its between Rene Rivera and J.R. Towles for catcher #4 with Chris Herrmann and Danny Lehmann not to far behind.
    If it was me, and we needed "another guy" later in the year i'd give Towles a shot and see what he may or may not do. Rather than watch Rene Rivera again, after we've seen More than our fair share of him last year.

    The fans here in Minny HATE Butera in the way they wanted Punto, and Rivas out of town. (if not more so) But to me, I think it shoud be Rene Rivera that should be LOoooong gone, and have an eerily strange feeling already that the organizaton even brought him back to be in Rochester for 2012. Thats the move that baffles me. NOT Butera seeing big lg. time in 2012. Something we ALL should have expected.
  18. shs_59's Avatar
    Its a shame that there isn't a single catcher here..... Josmil Pinto maybe?

    I think Chris Herrmann will get here in edition #2.

    How about Sodak St. 's Caleb Theilbar? yeahhhhhhhh. Soon time to go to AA and The Eastern Lg. to really see what he's got.
  19. Teflon's Avatar
    Shouldn't the Twins be considering a 4th catcher? If Mauer and Doumit both get hurt in a game, that leaves us dangerously thin.
  20. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I gotta agree with 1EJ, I think you're anti-Gardenhire view is blinding you to some stuff here.

    I will agree with one thing - it is frustrating to often see a smear campaign against Twins players after some of these moves. I don't know if it's the Twins, or the media, or if it's justified or not. I'll also note that it isn't always consistent - for instance, we didn't hear anything like this about Revere earlier in the week, and that was at least as unpopular a move as Hughes.

    The assumption seems to be that if we don't hear it, it's because it's one of Gardy's guys and if we do hear it it's because it isn't. But that's only the conclusion if you start out with it as the assumption. It could be the media likes some guys attitude more than others. It could be team leaders (or media-friendly players) conclusions. Or it could be (believe it or not) that the perceptions are accurate.
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