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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Yeah, I still commend this highly. That is a lot of red for the players. The pitching is better than expected. I was wondering if there was a way to weight it against a simple bad day's performance. One bad day is possible for everyone and anyone, so Brendan Wise takes a big hit after today, but his proximity (now) to Dumatrait seems to not account for the difference in performance. Maybe. I am being *extremely* nitpicky here, but given how people have these *reactions* to one bad day for pitchers and players, maybe, even if just in the qualitative analysis and not in the quantitative analysis, you can make distinctions between players if they arise. It hasn't really happened yet, but I can see where it could end up being a bit misleading (esp. Doyle).
  2. Han Joelo's Avatar
    Nice worK! Your analysis is fairly close to the Twins' apparently, judging by early demotions. Guys like Gray, Bulger, Doyle, etc. are more likely to be jettisoned than sent to AAA.

    If you have the time, how about a spreadsheet with former and potential (your Todd Coffeys and Dan Wheelers) bullpen guys vs. what is in-house?
  3. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    Please cut Terry Doyle and send Alex Burnett back to Rochester. This year Kyle Waldrop and Carlos Gutierrez should make the roster out of spring training along with Jared Burton. My fear is these two guys never even get given a chance.
  4. Thrylos's Avatar
    What you are describing is actually captured by a couple of different stats: Win Probability Added (or WPA for short) and the newer "Clutch" stat that fangraphs has created. Those are not readily available for ST games and it would take me a long time to calculate them .

    Btw, the king of "unproductive outs" and "meaningless HRs" for the Twins the last few years has been Mike Cuddyer...
  5. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I haven't really had a chance to look at this, which I will, but if you know, I was wondering if there are stats for unproductive outs. Delmon Young and Danny Valencia I swear have the most unproductive outs on the team, (when Delmon was here) I think those are really important to look at. e.g. Men on 1st and 2nd, 1 out or less and he gets out w/o moving the runners over, there are a lot of examples like that, but I think it is really an important number to look at. I sometimes think "outs" are over rated, but they are obviously under rated when it comes to bunts, SB vs getting thrown out, and things like that. Watching and reading moneyball has my thoughts indifferent about some of those things, but what was really annoying with Valencia and Young is I don't think they ever tried to take pitches that would allow at least runners getting over and driving the ball the other way. I think Spring Training is such a small sample size, it is tough putting numbers on just "outs", I think how hard they are hitting the ball, and productive outs need to be a part of the conversation, an avg could be a .075 swing easily if not more on a couple bloop hits for one guy and some hard line drives right at someone for someone else, then taking one for the team for productive outs should have some weight. Any comments
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  6. Han Joelo's Avatar
    I like it. Looking forward to updates.
  7. Rdiversions's Avatar
    Interesting way to try to see through the "noise" with all those arms in camp. I'll be interested in future updates.
  8. Twins Daily Admin's Avatar
    Thryloss, I love this idea. Is there a link where we can always find an updated version? Perhaps on your site? Or maybe a google doc that we can share? I'd love to figure out some way to have this more visible on an ongoing basis.
  9. Jim H's Avatar
    I agree about Benson, he looked the same last September. It surprises me a bit since he generally hit better than Parmelee as they moved up the minors together. Parmelee looks more together at the plate than Benson. I suppose Benson is working on things in batting practice and maybe taking too many thoughts up to his AB's.
  10. righty8383's Avatar
    The 3-0 strike call on Towles was something that would've had me irrate if it was a regular season game. The pitch was 8 inches (not exaggerating) inside, then Towles grounded out the next pitch.

    Glen Perkins looked great.

    Benson does look overmatched. He hit poorly in winter ball and that is carrying over to spring. I hope he figures things out by the time the season starts.
  11. Thrylos's Avatar
    Yeah... he might see some action with Kubes...
    He went to the Diamonbacks before the 2011 season, right? I think that he spent some time with the Yankees and Mariners.
  12. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I was really happy for David Winfree when the Diamondbacks added im to the 40 man roster in November.
  13. Apostle43's Avatar
    You wrote, "As a matter of fact, that lineup, minus Revere, might be the Rochester Red Wings starting lineup." Very, very cool. I can't wait. It will be much easier for my kids to get Brian Dozier's autograph in Rochester than it will be for you to get it in Minnesota (grin).
  14. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    They'll work more on the bullpen mounds. They'll get their work in. It's really about getting out on the mound against other hitters, airing it out a little bit. Someone like Baker may only throw FB. It's highly unlikely that there will be any 3-8 pitch innings. Next time out, starters will go two innings, and maybe even jump up to 40 pitches.
  15. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    With 9 pitchers scheduled to pitch tomorrow, what happens if the Twins don't feel like they got a good enough look at some of the pitchers during their inning? I know that they have many times to see each pitcher, but what happens if several of the pitchers that throw tomorrow only throw three pitches in an inning?
  16. mnfireman's Avatar
    He was going to get injured eventually. Better sooner than later. I would like to see Burnett, Oliveros and Doyle break with the team. Leaves us a little right hand heavy but the only real lefty option this year would be Dumatrait, lets see how he does at Rochester first. I don't believe in pitch to contact, I want power arms, those teams still pitch in October.
  17. TwinsMusings's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thrylos98
    that's what I thought, but he is still listed as 19. He wanted to change, for sure, but I wonder whether he got AP'd
    Update: In the BP video posted by Phil Macke at 1500ESPN, Danny is wearing #22, but the MLB Twins Web site still shows him with 19. We'll see how it turns out.
  18. davesaxton's Avatar
    I have to agree on this one. There are a lot of pitchers that have soreness in the elbow right out of the gate, for most it is just getting back into the rhythm of throwing again. To look at Zumaya and say that his season is over, strictly on the idea that, he is "injury prone" and has had serious elbow problems is jumping the gun a bit. He felt a little pain, and the trainers didnt want to risk him doing more damage so they shut him down for the day and are getting an MRI just to make sure. By all accounts he wasnt writhing in pain like when he broke his elbow, he just stopped throwing and called over the trainer. If anything I see this as a good thing for Joel, he knows when he is having a problem and is man enough to say "ok, that hurt. lets make sure its nothing serious." And a kudos to Terry Ryan for not letting things get out of control and being honest with the fan base.
  19. Seth Stohs's Avatar
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  20. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TwinsMusings
    I believe Danny Valencia has also changed his number from 19 to 22.
    that's what I thought, but he is still listed as 19. He wanted to change, for sure, but I wonder whether he got AP'd
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