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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    Sounds familiar... Thanks for the update Thrylos. I'm trying to be optimistic for the season, but your report confirms my memory of last year. Bad defense, bad offense.
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    I was looking for you the past few days, but I did not see you. And I know what you look like
  3. lightfoot789's Avatar
    How was the hitting in the game? I would like to know who hit the ball hard and who looks primed for a quality season (thus far)?

    In 2012 the Twins were Top 10 in MLB in OBP and nearly last in HRs & sub .400 Slugging%. Where did they finish? How'd that formula work for them?

    The Kernels on the other hand had 89 more RBIs than the next closest oponent in their league. Result = Best record in MiLB - The also led the league in OBP (smaller margin) & Slugging % (only team over .400 OBP). That being said: OBP is extremely important, but the team with the most runs wins everytime. JUST WIN - Don't just get on base because its a cool stat. You need to score too.
  4. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    You should have come and said Hi... I was there just in the morning yesterday, but for a week before that! Great pictures. Not much better than being down there and seeing the players in person.
  5. stringer bell's Avatar
    Great stuff Thrylos! I saw quite a bit of the action. I will echo the comment about Berrios. He looked too good for the opponents. I didn't realize how hard he was throwing.
  6. Thrylos's Avatar
    Yeah. Sulbaran is on double secret probation because he showed up pretty out of shape. He is taking part of conditioning drills now and pitching alone (like in this live batting practice I described.) You can look at him pitching in that shot up there. He is about 5'10" and 210ish. Mostly lower body, bit of belly. Not Mijares- or Silva- or Boof-like by any means...
  7. Steve Penz's Avatar
    Did I read that Sulbraran did not pass the shuttle drill and needed to step up conditioning? It raises concern if a player comes in badly out of shape. Was there any chatter on that?
  8. Thrylos's Avatar
    He had one error. He bobbled the ball in a routine play.
  9. clutterheart's Avatar
    The box score says Santana has two errors. Not good. If he can't stop that, he doesn't make the team. Did you see his today?
  10. Jham's Avatar
    I am getting really sick of people handing the 5th spot in the rotation to Worley over Deduno. I think it sends an awful message to the rest of the team. 1) apparently you can lose your position to injury; 2) the best player doesn't always play, so why work hard, rehab hard, perform well? We're just going to play who we want to play. Deduno has been nothing but a pro's pro, and has really been great just going about his business and not giving in to distractions. After his great year last year, he watched Nolasco, Pelfrey, and Hughes get paid. Meanwhile, he gets placed BEHIND Diamond and Worley in the battle for 5th starter. Deduno can pitch for me any day of the week.
  11. Jham's Avatar
    Updated 03-13-2014 at 02:47 PM by Jham
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    With teams like the Phillies likely having Jeff Manship as their 5th starter, Diamond has some value. He would have had more if he pitched better this spring.

    About moving Worley for prospects: He is the same age as Kyle Gibson, and 2 years older than Trevor May and Alex Meyer. He is not as old as Correia, for example.
  13. Sconnie's Avatar
    On the flip side Vance Worley has the most value to other teams as a starter, and Deduno and Diamond are more likely to pass through waivers were they DFA'd.

    I'm ok with The Vanimal being the 5th starter because both Correia and Worley can be moved to make room for Prospects as the season goes on.

    I'm happy with Deduno in the pen as I don't see his success last season translating to sustained success as a starter. I think his effectiveness depends on being "wild" which will lead to more unearned runs with the high repetition of starting. Being in the bullpen allows Deduno to provide valuable outs and minimizes exposure.

    What value do you think Diamond has to the Twins or can return via trade? Would he pass through waivers?
  14. Thrylos's Avatar
    Well, I am not sure about that Check my blog today.
  15. TKGuy's Avatar
    The battle is on between Gibson and Deduno, lots of red in the Diamond/Worley category. Gardy said he wanted Deduno, starting or in the pen. I think I'd love him in the pen. I'd send Pressly back to AAA for a while. Then you get to keep Gibson as the 5th starter and jettison Diamond and Worley. The end of Worley certainly came from me after his last start and was just punctuated about the wind complaints.
  16. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    I love the Bill James dashboard.

    Interesting that the two worst performing position players are Bartlett and Kubel.

    Phil Miller has a short article on Kubel tonight (3/9). It would seem Kubel's already made the 25-man cut. No one seems to really have any concern. Apparently none of them have seen Parker's heat charts. (it's still early, I could be wrong, Kubel could mash, etc)

    In the article, Gardenhire says he plans to use Kubel as DH and PH this year. Anyway, for better or worse, it's one less question mark going into the season.
  17. Jim H's Avatar
    I don't think Santana is ready for the majors and I really think Escobar is more utility man than starting big league shortstop. I expect you will have to put up with Florimon getting most of the starts at shortstop this year. Maybe Santana will make enough progress to change that next year.
  18. Thrylos's Avatar
    I think that he will be ahead of at least Pressly who has options and no longer has to be on the MLB roster not to be lost. His chances are very good.
  19. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Does anybody know the chances that Michael Tonkin breaks camp this year? Seems like he's got a gun for an arm and he isn't afraid to use it!
  20. John Bonnes's Avatar
    That's a very interesting note. I'll look for that.
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