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  1. My take on Liiriano Trade

    Scrambling to find out who the prospects were, I found the following, escobar a plus defender on the major league roster, Hernandez was being called up to start, so essentially the Twins traded for two major leaguers starting their careers. Hard to imagine a better haul given all the uncertainty surrounding Liriano.

    Had Liriano started again today, there might not have been any value left. Understanding, Terry Ryans ability and the circumstances, I think it was a pretty good deal. ...
  2. Twins Pitching in Good Shape

    Dan Gladden and Chris were very complimentary of Deduno tonight, echoing my sentiments. Gladden said "he is athletic, he is teachable..." I think he loves baseball.

    Add Diamond and De Vries, and this could be a solid foundation for years to come.

    Caution of course is needed because the league really hasnt seen these guys. When they have been around the league next year we will have a better barometer. I do believe Diamond and Deduno are solid, but when they ...
  3. Skip Lirianos next start

    I know, I know, all the teams will say, What happened, what are they hiding?

    With the mental case Liriano is, you can not afford to destroy his trade value.

    So skip his next start, he will have to pass a physical anyway, so better to not let

    his head destroy his value of any chance of trading him.
  4. Deduno - Wild stuff.....can it be controlled?

    I always love when players get a chance in the bigs...

    Been dying to watch Deduno pitch and here are my observations...

    Has "electric" stuff ok not electric, at least with juice...

    One thing about how he pitches is, if he doesnt know where its going the hitter doesn't either.

    This was his best start, with additional control, I think he can be effective.

    I like a rotation next year that includes DeVries, Deduno and Diamond...with ...
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