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  1. Deduno Gardenhized?

    I was afraid Gardenhire and Anderson would fool with Deduno, and it looks like it happened. Deduno looked nothing like his former self in his previous start. Why?

    My bet is, that Gardy and Andy just could not stand a guy they see as so atypical,

    "you can't walk that many batters and be successful, Andy...." Hey guys, look a guy you passed on might be the Cy Young in the NL...same reason..

    You have to allow Deduno to be what he is....a pitcher ...
  2. What I would give for Anderson...

    Having watched a lot of games this year, few pitchers have impressed me like Anderson for the A's. I would almost give up the farm for him.

    But here is what I would offer on season end...

    Morneau, Swarzak, Manship

    Or maybe this.....Gibson, Sano, Swarzak

    What would you offer for him?
  3. Why do the Twins talk about winning?

    I am bewildered to hear twins announcers say things like, What can we do to get back on track? We aren't hitting right now....

    Hopefully the twins will get it together soon...WHY?

    This season was completely lost in the Tampa Bay series when the Rays swept the twins. There should not be any more talk about getting back in the groove, putting it back together..this season is lost, what the twins should be talking about is next year...what do we need to compete, where can ...
  4. The awful truth about Mastrionni

    He cant hit. I know, he's cute, a student of the game, and fast as greased lightning.

    The problem is of course, you cant steal first!
  5. Willingham x 3

    JW looked overmatched against Cleveland on Wednesday, took 3 called strikes, wow

    The problem is just fatigue, hitting takes so much concentration, the hitter gets mentally fatiqued, give JW two days off, thats right two and he will be fine
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