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  1. Deleted by John Bonnes but now is Re-edited

    This was originaly posted my own blog at blogspot. Then John Bonnes left me a nice message telling me why he deleted it. He thought that is was spam because it wanst baseball related. Which is fine but I have retuned this post to make it more Twins and Baseball Centric

    TED talks are one of the most popular ways a college student can waste time surfing the internet. If you are unfamiliar with them I highly reccmend that you stop reading this and check it out. http://www.ted.com/talks/ken_robinso...reativity.html ...

    Every Monday of the baseball season I have to check the ESPN mlb website by noon. why might you ask? Too see the power rankings and where the twins rank in compassion with rest of MLB. Here is the link for this week's rankings http://espn.go.com/mlb/powerrankings
    Now, I am sure there are more rankings out there that are more accurate and fair to teams that are not covered in the Eastern Sports Programming Network.(the Twins are near the bottom) But one of the reasons I like these rankings ...
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  3. My First Blog.

    I am writing on this website because of my ipad.
    When I started graduated school this June at the University of Minnesota in the Masters in Education/Mathematics Education initial licensure program my professor gave everyone his ipad education sales pitch. He said to us that through his experience and constant networking he found that school districts in the state are now starting to put curriculum on their on ipads. Thus getting one could highly increase the probability of us getting hired. ...
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