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The W.A.R. room

This will be a blog about what im seeing in the local 9. I like to use sabermetics and scouting reports and I like to look at prospects. I'll probably also take a look around thge leage as well.

  1. Mauer to First: Whats it mean? and how to sort out the nonsense

    Well the move has finally arrived, we all knew it was coming sooner or later. Now itís time for the panic and the uninformed clichťís to fly. However before you curse the contract or start making inaccurate comparisons; stop, take a breath, and look at some facts.

    Yes itís true that Mauer is more valuable at catcher then at first base. Itís a simple fact that the catcher position is far more valuable than first base. But with Mauer having a concussion and so little known about what ...
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