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  1. Keith Law and his thoughts on Kyle Gibson

    Here is a little piece from Keith Laws chat on ESPN.

    I know you had mentioned on Twitter that Kyle Gibson looked good when you saw him out there, what kind of ceiling does he have? Is it 2 or 3, or lower?
    Klaw (1:15 PM)

    Based strictly on that one look, he's no worse than a three. I'd like to see him maintain it, but damn, that was an impressive outing
  2. David Schoenfield thoughts on Arcia & Hicks

    Was reading the chat today on ESPN and came across this.

    Hi David- Because they are rebuilding anyway, do you think the Twins should bring up Arcia and Hicks and let them play? Try to get some pitching for Span. Revere is only a fourth outfielder in my opinion he doesn't walk enough and has "0" power. Thanks!

    David Schoenfield (1:44 PM)

    I think both could benefit from at least half a season in Triple-A. Saw both play a couple times at ...
  3. Span vs Revere (Final Numbers)

  4. Keith Laws recent thought about Scott Diamond...

    Here is the a little piece from Keith Laws latest chat.

    What are your thoughts on Scott Diamond? If Trout wasn't such a showoff, he'd be in the ROY discussion. Can he have long term success as a #3 type starter who induces a lot of ground balls?

    Klaw (1:50 PM)

    Fifth starter, if that.

    I respect Keith Laws opinion on most things, but this one is dead wrong.
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