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  1. jimbo92107's Avatar
    If he's been working out and lifting weights, then David Bromberg should come back stronger this season.
    Go get 'em, big guy!
  2. shawntheroad's Avatar
    #48 Matt Bashore and #37 Kane Holbrooks. Both slight surprises.
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Who on your 50 were cut?
  4. nicksaviking's Avatar
    If his control is back, New Britain is a very modest goal. Lord knows there isn't enough pitching talent in the system that will block him from multiple promotions. It will be interesting to hear everyone's plans for him once he reaches AA, but it's still hard to get too excited about a 1st round arm that only hits the low 90's on the radar gun. I know the Twins are late to this theory, but even they must acknowledge by now that strike outs are a far more efficient way of getting off the field than letting the other team put the ball in play and praying it doesn't find a hole or land over the fence.
  5. twinstalker's Avatar
    Ideal Scenario: Wimmers will start 2012 back at Fort Myers. Assuming he has regained his control he should end the season in AA New Britain.

    I would say that's the realistic scenario. I wouldn't expect Wimmers to spend much time at A+. He's likely going to stay only until it warms up in New Britain. The hoped for scenario wuld be that he spends a couple months both places and ends up at Rochester.
  6. shawntheroad's Avatar
    i spent tons of hours coming up with my top 50. Then when i wrote this piece, I saw how flawed Gutierrez really is.
  7. jlovren's Avatar
    I agree with Fanatic Jack, The Twins have made some weird moves that defy logic or a real plan. These days you have to have a great bullpen and if we got a kid that shows real promise as a reliever than why on earth are we trying to amke him a starter?
  8. jlovren's Avatar
    Just what the Twins need.... another High ERA pitcher who can be dominant at times and falls apart at others. If Dickens wrote a novel about the Twins would he call it " A Tale of Two Lirianos"?
  9. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    If it does not make sense the Twins will do it.
  10. shawntheroad's Avatar
    Nothing confirmed, but have read it on multiple sites.
  11. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    is there any confirmed source that MadBoer will be a starter? He won APPY league Reliever of the year, so it baffles me that the Twins would move him to start.
  12. shawntheroad's Avatar
    Thanks man! I am new to your blog as well and have added you to my roll. It's good to know there are a lot of us out east!
  13. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Great post. I'm not sure how I haven't stumbled on your blog before, but I will add it to my blogroll now.
    I'm not even sure how well Zumaya would have invested his money. For all we know, he could live in a $5 million house, and, at the time he bought it (or other big investments), was probably thinking he would be drawing a MLB check until he was 38.
  14. righty8383's Avatar
    I disagree with Boyd and Harrison being so low. I know they are both yet to play pro ball, but when ranking prospects, max potential is one of if not THE most important thing. In my opinion, both these guys are top 10 when you look at max potential alone.
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