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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Hey all,

I am a lifelong Twins fan, who tries to see the connection between faith and baseball. If others are interested, I encourage you to read: http://www.amazon.com/The-Faith-50-M.../dp/0664223052
I am not a sabermetician. I'm a preacher. I understand the saber-principles, and find these new approaches fascinating. My posts are sometimes about the numbers, but more importantly, what's the soul of the game about? Lew Ford's return to the majors, and Morneau's comeback from injury, that sort of stuff. Or, Scott Baker, signing a ball for my kid, and writing "God bless" along with his signature. What causes a player to do that?

These are the stories that intrigue me, and how labor and management interact, for the good of the game. "Don't Feed the Greed" is my moniker, taken from a sign I held outside the Metrodome, after we the fans, lost a season because of greed. I hope it never happens again. This game is precious, even holy, at times. Thanks for the conversation.

  1. Twins to the National League?


    This is out of left field, but worthy of a conspiracy buff’s amusing post: Are the Twins headed to the National League?

    1) We are stocking up on NL pitchers.
    2) Target Field is a pitcher’s park. It wasn’tnecessarily built for the NL game, but the fact is that the park plays more like an NL venue. You can’t rebuild the park for the AL game, but you could change leagues…
    3) Financially, Milwaukee and Minneapolis could benefit by splitting ...
  2. Returning Jeter's 3000th Hit? Ethics and Baseball

    Hey all,

    Baseball is a form of theater. For example, we have our small-market Rebellion battling against The Evil Empire. These are the Meta narratives that we construct, in order to make sense and meaning out of a box score, or a trip to the ballgame with peanuts and Cracker Jacks with our children, or a beer with the guys.

    So, take a break from the Hot Stove League, and consider (don't ponder, us Viking fans have done enough of that!), consider the question of Jeter's ...
  3. Kevin Correia: Throwing Good Money After Bad?

    Hey all,

    Here’s what I don’t understand: let’s call it “throwing good money after bad.”

    Blackburn’s $5.5 million contract is bad money. The Twins still had—had money in their purses after dropping about $26 million in 2012 contracts that went off the payrolls or were traded away (Pavano, Baker, Liriano, Span, Nishi, Casilla). Now, by signing Correia, that’s down to $21 million.

    I expected to see a pitcher or two get Willingham money (3 years $21M), or Pavano money
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