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Don't Feed the Greed? What does that mean...

Hey all,

I am a lifelong Twins fan, who tries to see the connection between faith and baseball. If others are interested, I encourage you to read: http://www.amazon.com/The-Faith-50-M.../dp/0664223052
I am not a sabermetician. I'm a preacher. I understand the saber-principles, and find these new approaches fascinating. My posts are sometimes about the numbers, but more importantly, what's the soul of the game about? Lew Ford's return to the majors, and Morneau's comeback from injury, that sort of stuff. Or, Scott Baker, signing a ball for my kid, and writing "God bless" along with his signature. What causes a player to do that?

These are the stories that intrigue me, and how labor and management interact, for the good of the game. "Don't Feed the Greed" is my moniker, taken from a sign I held outside the Metrodome, after we the fans, lost a season because of greed. I hope it never happens again. This game is precious, even holy, at times. Thanks for the conversation.

  1. Consecutive Scoreless Innings to Start a MLB Career?

    Hey all,

    Just in case you start counting Andrew Alber's scoreless inning streak, the record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a major league career is 39. Brad Ziegler posted that number for the Oakland Athletics from May 31 to August 14 of 2008. I think Caleb Thielbar went 20 innings without giving up a run to start his career. Thielbar did set the record for consecutive scoreless appearances as a Twin. Albers is currently at 17.1 scoreless innings.

    Any idea of ...
  2. Punto & Danny DeVito! The Shredder meets The Penquin!

    Check out this dynamic duo!

    Nicky Punto and Danny DeVito celebrate Punto's second homerun of the year, as the diminutive DeVito was sporting Punto's #7 jersey. Awesome!! It seems Punto is finally getting some Hollywood cred after being thrown under the MTC here in Minnie! (click on the post-game interview)

    Danny DeVito really likes watching Nick Punto play (Watch) - MLB - Sporting News
  3. Kyle Gibson's Innings Count? The Shadow Knows...

    "Who knows how many pitches lurk in the arm of young Kyle Gibson? The Shadow Knows....Mwahahaha!" The Shadow Knows - YouTube

    Pioneer Press scribe Mike Berardino recently asked Kyle Gibson if the young pitcher knows when he will be shut down for the remainder of the 2013 season. It appears, based on Gibson's response, that the Twin's 2009 1st round pick has no idea when his last start will be.

    Berardino quotes Gibson: "I'm sure (Twins officials) have a plan," ...
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