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  1. The Buddy Files Vol. 1.2---Yes I am still worried

    How much would I like to see the Twins take 3 of 4 at Yankee Stadium? More than I'd like to be the one to personally fire Gardenhire and get "the Franchise" out of town. OK maybe not that much but it would probably make my pants a little tighter.

    But I'm still worried by this team. I am reasonably sure that the heart of this lineup can produce this season. The starters are always a little concerning for me and the bullpen is an absolute heart attack on a nightly basis. This ...
  2. The Buddy Files Vol. 1.1---"Startin' to come together, Pepper."

    Well that was fun. I choose to believe the Twins have started winning because I have started blogging. I'd like to hear a better explanation.

    Honestly though, even though I was stuck working that was a very fun game to listen to on the radio. It sounded like the crowd was way into it and I have to assume the boys were too. Capps did raise my blood pressure a little but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And believe me blowing that one may have killed the Twins.

    Let's ...
  3. The Buddy Files Vol. 1---How can this turn around?

    Here's my first shot at this. I'm assuming no one will see it, but if you do, Thanks....and sorry. I was going to post something earlier with predictions and such but then remembered I hate predictions and such. So I decided to give it a few games before I chimed in.

    I have to go at this from the only perspective I have, from the view of a fan 4 hours away. So far its pretty simple: This is bad. It hurts to watch on TV. I half expect Bert to jump from the booth to his werciful demise. ...
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