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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Physics Guy
    I believe Jimenez has the option if he is traded, which he was by the Rockies.
    Ah, yes... the option year is shed upon a trade?

    Still would make Kazmir my #1 target. At 30 years old next year I think he's back. And while nothing is certain, especially in the world of starting pitchers, I believe he is the safest bet out there.
    Unfortunately, is is going to take 4 years $75M to get him.
    2014 - 2017 @ $17.5M
    2015 - $20M team option with $5M buyout.
    (and that may not be enough)

    Anybody here think TR would offer up a contract like that?
  2. Physics Guy's Avatar
    I believe Jimenez has the option if he is traded, which he was by the Rockies.
  3. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Cleveland has an $8M option on Jimenez. Have to think they would exercise that.

    Really like your focus on SO. Hopefully TR sees the value in that as well.
  4. Physics Guy's Avatar
    I would hope they would find a spot for Meyer if he proves he is ready.
  5. jorgenswest's Avatar
    I think Meyer needs to open with the team next year. He will be 24. The clock is ticking on his velocity. The a Twins do not need to worry about control for a pitcher. Injuries will occur before control expires.
  6. enge0280's Avatar
    I like where you are going with this. My dream is to sign someone like Jiminez and then figure out a trade for Homer Bailey (with resigning him) and the closer to spring training picking up a few guys on minor league deals to give a shot (like Kazmir last year) although I don't know who that is.
  7. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Very nice article Physics Guy. Thank you.
    When we look at how Dozier hit last year after skipping AAA it makes me think that starting Hicks at CF this year would be a mistake. He has not been a monster at every level. He has taken some time to get used to the pitching at each new level.
    Having players learn in MLB usually works eventually, but at the cost of a year of control and sometimes the confidence of the player.
  8. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Nice job Physics Guy , Me thinks Colabello has a shot depending on if Justin or Josh are traded.
    If he is having a solid season in Rochestor , and Gardy isnt sold completly on Parm , we may see a platoon sitituation.
  9. Physics Guy's Avatar
    I would agree on Pressly. I missed him. For some reason I was thinking he spent some time in the majors already. I would probably put him in Thielbar's spot and move Thielbar to #10.
  10. Brandon's Avatar
    Good article. I would like to see Meyer and May up with the Twins as soon as possible to get acclimated to the majors. I was wondering if Pressly makes the top 10 over Meyer as he has the potential to make the team this year and is a rookie.
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