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by Matt Sisk

  1. Peachy Pro Promise

    To say that Byron Buxton had a successful full-season debut is less than accurate. To be completely honest, he went bananas, or peaches, maybe. It was predicted that Byron would dominate as a 19-year-old in 2013, but not like this. We need to really look at this young peach of a prospect.

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    Everyone had to know it was coming. Even though Byronís rookie level stats were less than amazing, he separated himself from the rest of minor league baseball ...

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  2. Monster-Mash Maestro

    WARNING: This article could be perceived as overly-optimistic. Click with extreme caution!
    Now that Iíve disclaimed my ability to temper expectations, itís time to highlight the Dominican monster that is Miguel Sano.

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    Perhaps there was once a youth that exhibited kingly promise in the same way that the Twinsí budding superstar did in 2013? If so, we may have to reach quite a distance to draw a legitimate comparison. Young Sano is the ...

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  3. Walked-on Walker

    Congress is still getting paid, but some 800,000 government workers are left at home to read twinsdaily.com. Hopefully, they paid their wireless bill last month. Speaking of injustice, I argue that Adam Walkerís good name has been walked upon in defiance of production!

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    I was pleased to see that Adam Walkerís official name has been updated on his milb.com player profile. It now reads ďAdam Brett Walker II,Ē which is more fitting for the distinguished ...

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  4. Overly Omissive?

    The government has shut itself down. But not before a motion was made to pay its most elite employees. Given the situation, itís frighteningly irresponsible that our political leaders should be taking a paid break. In celebration of paid vacations, I am going to finish evaluating my prediction from last winter about Twins prospects (while working at the ole day job).

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    (Will DJ get his "hog-on" in 2014?)

    I recently critiqued my predicted top-10 list for the end of 2013, ...

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