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  1. Looking for Breakout Seasons

    This was originally posted at Knuckleballs

    By this point, everyone knows the variables that will determine whether the Twins will have a successful 2012 season, right? Mauer, Morneau, Baker and Span have to stay healthy and the bullpen needs to be vastly improved over last year. We know all of that because every beat writer, columnist and blogger has pointed at those issues over and over again since October.

    Sure, if the established veterans all return to the level of productivity ...
  2. Expanded Playoffs Adopted... and I Like It!

    This post appeared originally at www.knuckleballsblog.com

    Right up front, I LIKE the expanded playoffs adopted officially by MLB today. I went on record supporting this concept a couple of years ago and I stand by that support.

    Beginning this fall, there will be TWO Wild Card spots in both the AL and NL, instead of one in each. In a perfect world, I’d have no Wild Cards at all, but that realistically is never going to happen. This is the next best thing.

    I ...
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  3. The Braun Legacy (in theatres soon)

    The following was originally posted at www.knuckleballsblog.com

    I realize I’m several days late to the party in terms of discussing the arbitrator’s ruling in favor of Brewers’ star Ryan Braun, but it took me a while to come to grips with exactly how I feel about it. I’ve now done that and I’ve concluded one thing for certain…

    I want the movie rights.

    Before you scoff, remember that Hollywood made a successful movie last year about Oakland A’s General Manager
  4. Reasons for Hope

    The following post is also available at www.knuckleballsblog.com.

    I'm not an idiot (most of the time). I know the Detroit Tigers are consensus favorites to win the AL Central Division title again... probably by double digit games again. I know the Twins are not widely viewed as the most likely team to challenge the Tigers if such a challenger does emerge.

    But as I mentioned a few days ago, Spring Training is my Mardi Gras! I'll deal with reality on Opening Day. For now, ...
  5. AL Central Preview: Chicago White Sox

    Sometimes I wonder if the Twins actually have a true “rivalry” with any other MLB team. I think we’re all tired of getting our brains beat in by the Yankees every series, whether in the regular season or post-season, but everyone hates the Yankees and, after all, a true rivalry requires some level of mutual dislike, doesn’t it? I’m not altogether sure that Yankee fans even realize the Twins play in the same league as their team.

    The closest thing to a rivalry the Twins have probably ...
  6. AL Central Preview: Cleveland Indians

    Let’s knock off one more preview post before the weekend, shall we? Maybe by next week, I’ll have generated the energy and interest level to look in to the remaining Division rivals. Yesterday, we looked at the prohibitive favorites to repeat as AL Central champions, the Detroit Tigers. For today, we’ll take a little peak at the Cleveland Indians.

    If you had said before the 2011 season that the Indians would finish 15 games out of first place in the AL Central Division, not many ...
  7. AL Central Preview: Detroit Tigers

    We’ve all been writing and talking and debating and complaining about virtually every aspect of the Twins off-season for months, so as the Spring Training gates prepare to swing open, there is very little more to be written concerning our guys’ prospects for 2012. I still suspect Terry Ryan may add another pitching arm from among what has to be a very nervous group of remaining free agents, but otherwise, the roster pretty much is what it is.

    That being the case, what else is ...
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