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  1. shs_59's Avatar
    Hicks SHOULD NOT make the team.

    He needs a full year in AAA / AA ! I mean he should not be up until late July or August or September...

    Rushing HIM would just be silly.

    Look what happened to Dozier.....
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    Hicks should make the team. Will he start here probably not, but that is the way the Twins work.
  3. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by savvyspy
    If Hicks is on the roster he's playing center.
    I agree completely, if Hicks is up, he's going to be the everyday CF, no chance he splits time with Parm in RF.

    It becomes even more interesting if the Twins move Morneau before Spring training. I also think there's a good probability, 60%, that Benson goes north with the team out of ST, and he may split time with Mastro and Parm as guys get their days off, etc.

  4. darin617's Avatar
    So Parmelee is a #2 hitter?

    Joe Benson should share CF with Mastroianni until Hicks has "earned" a promotion. No reason to start Hicks unless he is SO dominant in spring training. Why would the Twins actually rush a prospect? That would break all their little rules.

    Rajai Davis would be expendable from the Jays if the price was right.
  5. NoCryingInBaseball's Avatar
    I have Hicks replacing Mastroianni in center by mid-season and Dozier winning the 2nd base starting role.

    1) CF Mastroianni (R)
    2) RF Parmelee (L)
    3) C Mauer (L)
    4) LF Willingham (R)
    5) 1B Morneau (L)
    6) DH Doumit (S)
    7) 3B Plouffe (R)
    8) SS Florimon (S)
    9) 2B Dozier (R)
  6. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I am sure Hicks WILL play center, but he might end up being best in RF if Benson can get it together later in the year.
  7. savvyspy's Avatar
    If Hicks is on the roster he's playing center.
  8. MN_Twins_Live's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpantheMan
    Parmelee should be in right, not hicks
    On second glance, I agree with you...Parmelee will start the year in RF...Hope to see some competition for spots in the OF to raise the level of everyone's game.
  9. SpantheMan's Avatar
    Parmelee should be in right, not hicks
  10. wagwan's Avatar
    no Parmelee?
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