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Brian Mozey

  1. 7/21 Around the Bases: Johnson, Suzuki, Willingham, Perkins

    I know it's a little late for yesterdays game but here's my Around the Bases for the Monday win against the Cleveland Indians.

    Single: Starting pitcher Kris Johnson earns the Single award for a well thrown game. Johnson didn't get the win but he continues to grow as a pitcher in the Major League level. Last night's game was Johnson's third game this year. His first game was May 1st and he pitched four innings and gave up zero runs. He gave up five runs in four innings a couple weeks ...
  2. Who's Quivering Now

    Actions speak louder than words. That phrase was shown heavily at the end of the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels game. The game got interesting from the bottom of the eighth to the end of the game. The bottom of the eighth got started with a single from Efren Navarro and with a person on first and one out closer Fernando Rodney came in. Rodney pitched out of the jam and after the last out in the eighth he proceeded to do his tradition. Fernando Rodney has a tradition that after every game ...
  3. Buxton Out for Second Straight Game

    Byron Buxton has been on fire these past few days and was looking forward to staying hot this weekend against Daytona and Brevard County. Sadly, he hasn't touched the field. Buxton was 9 for 15 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday he hasn't seen the field. The reason why he's been out is because of Friday night when Buxton was hit by a pitch on his injured wrist. The Fort Myers Miracle are holding him out for a couple games to give him some rest and to ice that wrist ...
  4. Buxton Goes 4 for 6 and Stays Hot

    Byron Buxton has been riding a hot streak at the plate since Wednesday. He went 3 for 4 on Wednesday night, 2 for 5 on Thursday night, and 4 for 6 on Friday night. Buxton just came off the disabled list from a wrist injury and has been looking good ever since. Last night he hit another home run against Daytona. This is his second straight game where he has hit a home run. Last night, Buxton had three singles, a home run, two walks, two RBI's, and three runs. It was a great performance from Byron ...
  5. 7/18 Around the Bases: Santana, Fuld, Dozier, Plouffe

    Even though the Twins had a rough game losing 6 to 2 to the Rays I still found a few things to highlight in my Around the Bases.

    Single: My Single moment goes to Danny Santana for his returning game. Santana has been sidelined for a while due to a bone bruise on his left knee. The All Star game allowed him a few more days to get rested and tonight was his first game back on the team. Santana went 1 for 4 with a single and a strikeout. Not impressive, but at least he's back and healthy ...
  6. Buxton's Hot Streak and Santana's Call Up

    Byron Buxton continues to hit a hot bat. Like I said in my lastest blog, Buxton went 3 for 4 on Wednesday night's game against Daytona. Buxton carried his performance from Wednesday night into Thursday night against Daytona again. Thursday night Byron Buxton went 2 for 5 with a home run and a single. His home run came in the top of the ninth inning as a solo shot. The team would later win that game 7 to 5 with a save coming from Tyler Jones. It's nice to see Byron Buxton doing well after all of ...
  7. Countdown Begins! 14 Days!

    Now that the All Star break is behind us it's time to start thinking about the Trade Deadline. July 31st is the last day where trades can happen for any baseball team. 14 days left until the Trade Deadline and there is much discussion on key players. Players like David Price, Ben Zobrist, Josh Willingham, Kurt Suzuki, and many more. The only big trade that has happened this season is between the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics. The Athletics traded some key prospects for Jeff Samardzija and Jason ...
  8. Buxton Went 3 for 4 Wednesday Night

    While the All Star break was happening for the MLB, Byron Buxton was showing why he should be in the All Star Game soon. Buxton went 3 for 4 on Wednesday night's game against Dayton. This is Buxton's sixth game since coming back from his injuries. Byron Buxton has been bothered with a wrist injury throughout the majority of the season. He came back in early May to play four games but then aggravated his wrist again to be put on the DL.

    Buxton is ranked number one for prospects in the ...
  9. Three Strikes... Puig's Out!

    Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder, Yasiel Puig, was chosen to participate in the Home Run Derby and was a starter for the National League during the 2014 All Star Game. Let’s just say Puig will cherish the memories of meeting new players but will want to forget his actual performance throughout these last couple of days in Minneapolis.

    Strike One: Monday night was the Home Run Derby which featured five ...

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  10. Around the Bases All Star Edition

    Single: The single moment tonight came from Idina Menzel at the opening ceremony for the All Star Game. Not one, but two amazing performances. First, Menzel sang "Forever Young" for the thirty amazing teachers that were nominated by their respective teams. Then she sang a beautiful "Star-Spangled Banner" with a breath taking flyby. The Minnesota Twins and MLB chose a great artist to sing the National Anthem and Menzel definitely proved it.

    Double: Mike Trout ...

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