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  1. End of Twins, Beginning of Baseball (Twins vs. Indians 92-94)

    No More All-Star Moments (Twins 3 Indians 2 – Game 92)

    This is the story of the 2013 Twins, and there’s really not a whole lot left to cover in these remaining games. True believers will hold out for a miracle, a string of victories, and playoff glory. I love all things TC, but I can’t believe in this campfire tale.

    If it happens, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and stand in the parade like I always belonged there.

    The Twins came out of the All-Star Break plucky, ...
  2. Summer of Massacres, Tornadoes of Sharks (Twins at Yankees -- Games 89-91)

    The Twins Were Sharknados First (Twins 0 Yankees 2 - Game 89)

    A SyFy televion movie called Sharknado took over the world of Twitter, and I’ll bet most Twins fans didn’t put up too much of a struggle.

    Sharknado is a movie whose title tells you exactly what you’re going to see on your TV. The Internet Movie Database estimates it cost about a million to make. I’ll bet no one over the age of eight expected any quality from it, and yet it stole the world’s heart for a moment ...
  3. Loss Leaders (Twins at Rays - Games 85-88)

    Lots of Hits, No Crossovers (Twins 4 Rays 7 - Game 85)

    Crossed through the radio broadcast of the game like going over the same creek, again and again, driving down a country highway. Things were peaceful enough until I crossed paths with the game one more time to find the Twins down three runs. As I listened, a fourth Rays run crossed the plate.

    There was still hope when I got home. Aaron Hicks got his fourth hit of the game and then scored a run. I got home and hurried ...
  4. Blue Jays, Old Age, Totally Lame. (Twins at Blue Jays -- Games 82-84)

    Centre of Horrors, With an “R-E” (Twins 0 Blue Jays 4 - Game 82)

    After an early first pitch and late jog, my trusty phone informed me the Twins were down four to zip. Last week I might’ve had enough “never say die” to keep an eye on the game, but the Yankees took that with them back to New York.

    Catching the pre-game show on my drive home didn’t exactly fill me with rainbows, hopes, and dreams. The crew kept referring to Rogers Centre as a “House of Horrors” for the Twins. ...
  5. Yup. All Four (Twins versus Yankees -- Games 78-81)

    Blink and the World Ends (Twins 4 Yankees 10 - Game 78)

    This was supposed to cross the finish line with the Twins in the lead. I’d decided that late last week. The Twins are struggling but still have a heartbeat. The Yankees have pains of their own. The saga’s supposed to take a turn for the Twin Cities tonight. I expected a spanking, perhaps with the Twins using a broom.

    The innings I caught on the radio didn’t spoil my dream, even though I did enjoy hearing Dan Gladden’s ...
  6. Treading Royal Blue Water (Twins versus Royals -- Games 74-77)

    All Summers are Royal Blue (Twins 3 Royals 1 - Game 74)

    When, in the course of baseball events, the Twins are clearly not going to make the playoffs, the Royals will play against them approximately one million times. Neither team will be playing meaningful baseball, and yet they will continue playing.

    I shouldn’t complain. The Twins won.

    Deduno wins again, too. Aaron Gleeman calls him a UFO, because people believe in his pitching prowess even though all ...
  7. Marred by Marlins (Twins at Marlins - Games 72-73)

    Losing to Traffic AND the Marlins (Twins 2 Marlins 4 - Game 72)

    Began the drive home with the Twins down by two runs and an unexpected optimism they could pull this thing off. Maybe getting a phone call from my wife informing me we had power after a 91 hour drought made me sentimental. Maybe it was seeing Minnesotans looking over piles of chopped wood, proud to have survived another beating from Mother Nature.

    My hope didn’t die when then Twins attempts to score a run ...
  8. Monsters and Yankees

    The first thing you need to understand is the New York Yankees breed monsters.

    Monstrous Yankees seem to be human, but they grow to be so much more than that. They become legends, with their memory preserved in Monument Park throughout the ages.

    This is not necessarily an insult: monsters can be heroes, too. Take Babe Ruth. He began as a boy at an orphanage and grew into a walking appetite. His home runs shot further and further away from the batter’s box until thinking ...
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  9. What Games? Twins at Indians.

    Department of Water and Power (Twins 1 Indians 5 Game 69)
    It’s really easy to forget about a baseball game when you open up your blinds to see water slapping into your window like gravity made a 90 degree mistake.

    Weekend baseball series are like a family cookout you can take with you on the car stereo. When the Twins are out of town, the cookout covers the Twin Cities and keeps going. You can ask strangers in blue and red for a score and they’ll tell you. If your biological ...
  10. Rolled Sox (Twins versus White Sox - Games 66-68)

    Holding a Handful of Water (Twins 7 White Sox 5 – Game 66)

    As a kid, I used to fill my cupped palm with water to see how long I could hold onto it. No matter how steady I held my hand, the water always slipped away.

    I grew up Iowa. We made our own fun and we liked it.

    As an adult Twins fan, the feeling returns to me. Game after game I see the Minnesota team find a big inning – like their four run first inning – and then slowly let it slide through their ...
  11. Same Division, Different Worlds. (Twins versus Tigers -- Games 63-65)

    History in the Air, Twins Hits Stay in the Yard (Twins 0 Tigers 4 Game 63)

    The Twins played tonight, in as much as an official game occurred and they were there.

    At least people at Target Field got to see Eddie Guardado and PR guy Tom Mee get inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame.

    I listened to the first inning in my backyard, until the mosquitoes ran up the scoreboard in a hellish game of their own. I listened deeper into the game inside my house. I listened ...
  12. The Human Fan Condition (Twins versus Phillies -- Games 60-62)

    Twins vs. Phillies

    Run(s) Scored (Twins 3 Phillies 2—Game 60)

    Run(s) scored.

    When my team is at bat, I add up all the players and figure out how many runs could’ve gone on the scoreboard. I assume the highest number possible.

    But when it’s the other team . . .

    As soon as “Run(s) scored” appears on my smartphone screen all sounds around me cease. I can hear my heart beat. I don’t even count up how bad the damage could be. I just ...

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  13. Trilogy of Error (Twins at Nationals -- Games 57-59)

    Twins at Nationals

    A Small Amount of New Hope (Twins 4 Nationals 3 - Game 57)

    Thanks to rain that wouldn’t go away, this Nationals series will be played in a space of barely over one day.

    Condensing things makes this interleague series into a neat little three part trilogy. Like Star Wars or The Godfather.

    Well, it will be for anyone in the Land of Lakes still sporting a TC on their hat, at least.

    Tonight’s game had the underdog ...
  14. Feelin' Royally Screwed -- Twins at Royals (Games 54-56)

    Twins at Royals

    Salem’s Lot (Twins 3 Royals 0 - Game 54)

    I started my day with a run. My Michael Cuddyer shirsey kept me company.

    It’s funny how sturdy a fan’s heart is. After the announcement a beloved player will no longer be a Minnesota Twin, grief sets in. Then, when the season rolls around, you’re cheering for the players still in the dugout and you only pout when you hear former Twins’ names on highlight reels.

    Sorta like breaking up ...
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