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  1. The Buterrible-Pun Men.

    Between the idea and reality, between the motion and the act, falls the home run Towles hit this afternoon.

    We terrible pun men wait by our computers, with our pointer fingers cocked and ready.

    We terrible pun men, already awaiting the opportunity to be the first to title a blog post "The End of a But-ERA" when the catcher is dropped from the roster.

    In this frozen land, we know only one smart-assed blogger can be the first to use "The End ...
  2. Still Preheating.

    September 1st, 2007.

    Driving home from a night class at St. Mary's, I turned on the Twins game. Gordo was hinting at something big happening for the guy on the mound. I listened to the game and drove home in a daze. I parked my car and did my best to walk to my back door without running or skipping. Once inside, I turned on the baseball game and called my wife into the living room.

    "I can't say what's going on, but look at the numbers on the scoreboard when Scott Baker ...
  3. Walk Out Music.

    Picture it: It's the bottom of the ninth at Target Field. The Twins are down by one and there's a runner on second. For a moment, you forgot there were two outs, and you forgot who was up next. Then, the walk-up music starts . . . and you still can't tell. It's not AC/DC, so it's not Morneau. The guy behind you asks "What song is that?"

    A trip to Target Field is a trip to baseball heaven, but the music gets piped in from elevator hell.

    Walk-up songs are a cue ...
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  4. Clubhouse Pin Drops.

    Yesterday, a comment on 1500ESPN by "Everyday" Eddie Guardado took Patrick Reusse and Jim Souhan into a brief rant against the quiet, introverted Twins clubhouse. My first instinct was to write it off as being just another "back in my day we were tougher and manlier" speech.

    Then, I started thinking about the relationship between clubhouse dynamics and communication, like I blogged about earlier this week. It seemed to me Olson's concept of cohesiveness applies to ...
  5. Butera? Solved!

    The Butera problem goes like this - Drew Butera is both horrible at hitting baseballs and beloved by Twins fans. If only there was a way to keep him around Target Field without letting him get to the plate . . .

    Guess what? There is.

    Drew Butera should be the Twins mascot.

    There are lots of reason why Butera could step into TC Bear's shoes without much difficulty.

    -- He's kind of a wee little guy, and it seems like that helps with fitting into ...
  6. Bad Managers Manage Poorly In Their Own Ways: Ideas on Managers Impacting the Game.

    If you're a Twins fan, you've questioned Ron Gardenhire's ability to manage. Even if you didn't question it before 2011, you do now. After a catastrophic season, any reasonably minded baseball fan would wonder if the man leaning on the dugout fence is going to fix his team or make it worse.

    If you're a fan like me, you're not in the dugout with Ron Gardenhire. Gardy has never coached me, nor has he attempted to coach me. I can analyze his performance based on what I see on television ...
  7. Donruss Commons

    We used to bike to the Denver, Iowa, Kwik Trip (before it became Kwik Star) to buy baseball cards. I'd prop my dirt bike up on its kick stand, ignore it when it fell over anyway, and scramble into the store to buy packs of Topps and Donruss baseball cards.

    I didn't really know baseball at the time, so every card boasting a name I'd heard of was pure gold to me. I thought I had a pretty sweet collection going until my friends told me all I had were a bunch of commons. I couldn't even ...
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