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Axel Kohagen

  1. A Season Blank and Pitiless as the Sun (Twins versus Tigers - Games 156-158)

    Look Upon Mauer and Tremble (Twins 4 Tigers 3-- Game 156)

    Mauer's out for the season, like we all knew he would be. Concussion City gains a new resident. And this Pinto kid seems like he's ready to play some catcher. People wonder if Mauer can come back to put on the tools of ignorance. People wonder if Mauer can come back at all.

    The M and M boys are gone, leaving Target Field empty like a Halloween candy bowl. Mauer seems likely to be back in some way, shape, or form. ...
  2. Glitches in the Order of Things (Twins versus Indians 116-118)

    Weíre So Happy, Andrew Albers (Twins 3 Indians 0 Ė Game 116)

    Andrew Albers mustíve felt relieved when he finally hit the sack last night. He picked the Twins up with his right arm, the Twins fans up with his left, and still pitched a complete game shutout. Thatís a lot of weight to haul around.

    I miss watching the games on cable more as the season stumbles toward a finish. Carrollís gone to the Royals, who are eyeing life beyond the season finish. Even if the players ...
  3. Swing's the Thing: Twins versus Mariners (Games 51-53)

    Twins versus Mariners

    No Big Deal (Game 51)

    The ball game was relegated to nothing more than background noise. The goose-egg on the Twinsí side of the scoreboard did little to lure me back in.

    With baseball refusing to signal the beginning of weekend joy. My conversation with my friend turned to ghost stories and hard luck tales. I even dug out the flashlight for that special campfire vibe.

    And so itís like this: Baseball is apple pie, and ...
  4. Dimly Aware in Detroit: Twins at Tigers (Games 44-46)

    Twins at Tigers

    10 Pins Fall Down (Game 44)

    I asked the score if I should watch the Twins game. The score said no, and I had no regrets about spending some time with my wife, my friend, and an awful movie called The Greenskeeper.

    The formerly infamous John Rocker, pitcher, played the killer.

    Itís on Netflix.

    In the ninth inning, we watched our phones to make sure the Twins avoided getting no-hit.

    Following a baseball ...
  5. Game 4 - Everything Awful Returns

    A day after imaging a Twins path to the playoffs, everything awful I was expecting from the team showed up for 9 innings of baseball. Mauer didn't get a hit. The starting pitcher didn't go 5 innings. The bullpen gave out like a bad back.

    To top it off, the sky filled with snow while the game was on. I didn't catch much of this one - just enough to give me the idea that Liam Hendriks might be a threat to my blood pressure this year.

    Snow after opening day is like getting ...
  6. Game 1 - Slushy

    When I sat down in my home office and turned on the Nationals game to hear how Denard Span did with his new team, the sun was friendly and my view was mostly free from snow. By the time I got in my car and tuned into the Twins game, all I could see were piles of snow and gloomy skies.

    Gray is the official color of being down by two runs.

    The Twins must have settled in after that, but when I got back in my car I listened to them waste a bases loaded opportunity. Duensing ...
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