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Axel Kohagen

  1. Fall Guys (Twins versus Rays -- Games 146-148)

    Voorhees: A True Dynasty (Twins 0 Rays 3-- Game 146)

    On this Friday the 13th, I regret choosing Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan as the film I watched. Jason Voorhees may be unkillable, but this lame hodge-podge of maritime hijinks and flimsy backstories sure signaled a sign this franchise had seen better days.

    The Twins, another franchise that's seen better days, got blanked. If I had cable, I'd have been just as bored watching them as I was watching a ...
  2. Twins/Red Sox (Games 28-31)

    Twins at Red Sox

    Too Old for the Gang at Cheers (Game 28)

    Home early, with my wife home as well, I started getting a hankering for watching the Twins play at a sports bar. Baseballís just a little bit better when youíre covered in buffalo sauce and ordering another beer.

    Except it was Monday. And Iím old. And wings plus beer plus anything else starts to add up to be a decent chunk of change. Donít get me started on the calories, either. Plus, then youíre ...
  3. Game 7 - Royally Terrified.

    I caught the beginning of the Twins/Royals game on my car radio. I parked to catch the first pitch and enjoy shivering memories of watching the Evil Dead remake in the theater.

    The movie was good, and I finally experienced my horror lover's no-hitter: I watched a scary movie in a theater all by myself. That's right - in a theater devoid of all other human beings.

    That's a good'n to watch solo, too. If the creepy noises don't get you squirming, the over-the-top gore will ...
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