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  1. cmathewson's Avatar
    Of course we all want our hometown hero in the Hall. But there are a lot of guys who never made it and deserve it more, imho. Jim Kaat, for example. Statistically, Morris was helped by pitching for a team consistently in the top of its division for most of his career. Even then, when you compare his stats to Kaat's, I think you'll agree that Kaat deserves it more.

    In the end, the Veterans Committee might reward both of them. But then what do you do about the legion of 220-win guys who have never been considered?
  2. Physics Guy's Avatar
    KLaw does not agree. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but today on his chat he basically called him an average pitcher who threw a ton of innings. Not saying I agree, just sharing what I read. Also thought I'd point out that Morris was eligible for election the year before Kirby.
  3. BrentMpls's Avatar
    It's a sad thing that Black Jack is not in the Hall of Fame.
  4. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by twinsfan34

    Also, on advanced metrics, would Puckett have won the MVP in 1988 or in 1992. He actually had better WAR than Canseco ('88) and Eckersley ('92) both years.
    Fun stuff to go back to.
    In 1988 the OPS leaders in the AL were:
    Winfield and Puckett (Gaetti was next).
    Kirby was 2nd in WAR to Boggs. It's actually Boggs who got screwed that year.

    In 1992 Kirby again came in 6th in OPS, again right behind Winfield. He had the highest WAR of any position player. You could certainly make a case for him as MVP that year.

    Eck had an incredible year, such that the 1992 MVP was going to Eckersley and nothing could keep that from happening. For 80 innings of work. Eck had a great year, but Most Valuable Player of the American League? In 80 innings?

    I hope in retrospect all those in the BBWAA in 1992 are looked down on a little bit for that particular vote. Shamed just enough so that that might never happen again.
  5. Rosterman's Avatar
    It would be a msot wonderful reunion. And, yes, the Twins do need a left-handed arm in the bullpen.

    If they moved Diamond to the bullpen, they could have four lefties in the pen.

    Wprley needs to go somewhere, too.
  6. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Good thoughts Old Goat.

    I know I'd have a good deal of patience for him. To the extent, 5-7 starts he just can't get it done. Johan, can you pitch 2 innings in the bullpen. And if not. So be it.

    Probably just thankful for those amazing years we had.

    He should have had 3 Cy Youngs...advanced metrics weren't available soon enough for him.

    Also, on advanced metrics, would Puckett have won the MVP in 1988 or in 1992. He actually had better WAR than Canseco ('88) and Eckersley ('92) both years.
    Updated 12-05-2013 at 11:24 AM by twinsfan34
  7. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Something I really hadn't considered before is that Johan might find it easier to try a comeback here than anywhere else.

    Minnesota Twins fans love Johan. If he gets on the mound and has a bad day, the fans are not going to boo him. They may be disappointed, but you can't boo Johan Santana! (well, at least not the first couple of times he gets hammered)

    This is the one place where the fans would be so solidly behind him that it would make his efforts easier. He will be granted more leeway here than anywhere else.

    I wonder if anyone ever thinks about that sort of thing...
  8. gil4's Avatar
    "...isn’t anything possible? Kevin Garnett sure seems to think so."

    Is KG coming back? That would be cool.
  9. jtkoupal's Avatar
    He could be a nice fit for Minnesota. However, chances are that Terry Ryan will not even inquire on Wieters. The Twins are clearly looking for a catcher to fill the void left by Joe Mauer, but it looks like Josmil Pinto is the guy. In the short term, the Twins are looking for a veteran guy to come in, fill a temporary gap, mentor Pinto, and then leave when Pinto is ready. Wieters is going to garner interest, Baltimore will likely ask for pitching in return, something that the Twins do not have a whole lot of to offer. While I do believe Wieters would fit in nicely in Minnesota, I would not hold my breath on him being a Twin in the near future.
  10. killertwinsfan's Avatar
    I would take him but the O's will want pitching in return. I would rather keep Pinto at catcher, and if I could get one player from the O's I would take Kevin Gausman
  11. zchrz's Avatar
    He certainly could be a good fit, but I think it would be foolish for them to spend what fungible trade assets they have for a bat. There is no guarantee Pinto is ready to contribute but they can get a stop gap/ backup vet on the cheapish for a year or two to ease that transition and still have those assets to trade for pitching.
  12. goulik's Avatar
    My favorite part of this is that you have come up with some ideas that have not been posted yet. Thinking differently than previously started ideas gets us thinking and I am definitely thinking...
    I also am not sold on Kyle Gibson. Trading Burton and Plouffe I think needs to happen so go for this trade. Since your giving up 3 MLB players, see if you can get them to throw in a PTBNL prospect at the A+ level to boot. If not, I'd still take that deal but don't tell them that up front.
    I am BIG on Arcia and I think he's going to blow up next year... I don't want to trade him for a one year rental but if a year of arb can be rolled into a five year contract as a stipulation in this trade, I'm listening. Again, since we're giving up 3 MLB players I would be trying to get a prospect thrown in here also.
    No problem with Johan or Hughes signings, not sure about Kubel. I think they can go higher than 80m (78.7) so someone better than Kubes please.
  13. Erock's Avatar
    No way I give up that much from Trumbo. He is a marginal upgrade over Plouffe and can't play 3B. Let alone giving up the other three with him. I don't think Trumbo really fits our needs anyway. He has some power, but doesn't really get on base. Might as well stick with Willingham or put Plouffe in the OF.

    Also. Samardzija is interesting, but I don't give up Arcia's potential and more importantly his years for someone who will be a free agent in 2015 and likely cost a pretty penny. I'd rather go hard on a Free Agent and lose that draft pick then give up a top prospect/rookie like Arcia who could provide near all-star level production for the foreseeable future.
  14. USAFChief's Avatar
    There has to be more to it than this.
  15. gil4's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave T
    Nope, won't happen. I have heard on good authority that a proven closer is a myth. Boston will just move one of their average starters to the bullpen -- voila! instant closer. /sarcasm
    Isn't that how Perkins became a closer? (Other than the average part - that's far too generous.) Which reminds me - Perkins hit 97 (possibly 98) on the gun during Saturday's game. Wasn't he topping out in the low 90's as a starter?
  16. Dave T's Avatar
    Nope, won't happen. I have heard on good authority that a proven closer is a myth. Boston will just move one of their average starters to the bullpen -- voila! instant closer. /sarcasm
  17. bwille's Avatar
    I'm not necessarily hating on Gardy not having Plouffe bunt in this situation, but Gardy has refused to bunt runners into scoring position numerous times this year. It was more frustration out of having Plouffe in the number two spot when he cannot bunt. I do concede that since he cannot bunt, giving him the bunt sign may have been wasted strikes; but to me you have to at least try once to bunt. I understand that Francona would likely walk Mauer but there is no guaranteeing that. Heck, we thought Francona would walk Mauer with a runner on third and first base open, but he opted not to. The article was supposed to be more focused on the fact that Gardy didn't construct the lineup correctly in my opinion and that he needs more players who have the flexibility to bunt in order to be successful. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it!
  18. bwille's Avatar
    I truly believe Gardenhire isn't the problem and i've stated why in my article, but you both bring up valid points about what has gone wrong with the Twins. I still tend to believe that it is the personnel moves, or lack there of, that have put the Twins in the funk they are currently in which is characterized by a lack of starting pitching depth. With a rebuilt farm system and a consistent flow of talent to the majors, Gardenhire will succeed once again. Certainly changing managers will have a short-term affect on a team by re-energizing them, but will it sustain over a long period of time. In my opinion, Gardenhire has a proven enough track record that indicates he can manage; firing him would solve nothing with the team.
  19. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I'm sure the Rockies will explore all trade options before placing him on waivers, because he'll surely be claimed. I would be stunned if the Twins didn't put in a claim; I'd be equally stunned if a team with priority higher than the Twins didn't also put in a claim.

    The Twins and Rockies have been trading partners twice in the last handful of years (Jose Morales and Kevin Slowey), so maybe they do make a deal. Would the Rockies take either Cole De Vries or B.J. Hermsen for a guy they'd lose for nothing? Or could they do better?
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