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Kottke's Cuts

Kottke's Cuts is the opinions of a close-to-criminally-insane Minnesota Twins follower and all-around crazy person, Collin Kottke.

I'd call myself a fan, but I am too much of a curmudgeon for that. I'm a sweet and sour combination of passionate and critical. Posts can also be seen on kottkescuts.blogspot.com.

  1. A look at Joe Nathan's Hall of Fame chances

    Last night we saw the obvious future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera be the set-up man for former Twins closer and current Texas Ranger Joe Nathan. Now Rivera was in the game in the eighth inning to secure him appearing in the game, but is it possible that we saw a one-two punch of future Hall of Famers?

    It's tough to break into the Hall being a relief pitcher, but Nathan might just have right amount of saves at the end of his career to punch a ticket to Cooperstown. Nathan currently sits ...
  2. Let's not forget... Mauer is a projected HOFer

    At work today I was clicking around Baseball References website and I stumbled across an interesting section of the website that I have never explored before. If you scroll to the bottom of a players profile page you will see a section titled Hall Of Fame Statistics, which is a bunch of sabermetrics designed to project if a player is a Hall of Fame candidate.

    Amongst the multiple equations there is one that is entitled JAWS which stands for Jaffe WAR Scoresystem, the system ...
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