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  1. Write-in Campaign for Chris Colabello for All Star Team

    Per http://blogs.twincities.com/twins/20...l-star-ballot/

    Chris Colabello will not be on the All-Star Ballot.

    It's not too early (well, OK maybe just a bit) to start the write-in campaign.

    Being elected by the fans to the All-Star game would seal the deal on a Disney inspirational sports drama starring Mark Walberg.

    Who's with me?
  2. The Twins Way

    It has been written several times this season, that this Twins clubhouse is the quietest any of the beat writers has experienced. During Spring Training Rob Antony came out with a fired up speech denigrating lackadaisical players and imploring for someone to please step up and be the man.

    Is this "The Twins Way"? Is this the new "Twins Way"?

    Where's the coaching staff in all of this? Where's Joe Mauer? While I'm sure the listed parties provide leadership ...
  3. Bleacher report: blueprint for building an elite farm system


    Excellent read and I think does a good job of explaining player development processes from Radcliff of the Twins and the player development manager of the Angels.
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