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  1. Projecting the Twins Starting Pitching Upgrade in 2014

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    The polar vortex seems to have abated but I’m still left cold when I think about the Twins winning only 66 games last year, pairing a frozen offense with a starting rotation that compiled an ERA so far north of 5.00 that Robert Peary should have led an expedition to it. In an effort to warm their fans’ waning interest, Minnesota uncharacteristically spent a real chunk of money in the off season (okay, it was the additional MLB TV ...
  2. Revisiting the 4-Man Rotation

    Parker Hageman posed his thoughts on how the Twins can improve their rotation through free agency. The players he suggested were either once-good pitchers who are now in decline or once-promising pitchers who have failed to keep their promises. If you are the Twins GM and those are the best pitching options the team can hope for in 2014, you wonder if there might be a simpler (and much cheaper) solution that nobody's thinking of.

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  3. My Utopian Design for a 32-Team MLB

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    2 Leagues 16 teams in 4 4-team divisions, wherever possible preserving traditional league associations and rivalries. (Only exceptions - Colorado, Tampa Bay swap leagues to have closer divisional opponents) 1 western expansion team and 1 southern expansion team are needed to field even team numbers by league and division with symmetrical alignments.

    Ideally no inter-league games. 18 games against teams ...
  4. April 22, 1980; 89 Degrees at Gametime

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    The Twins started the 1980 season with a 12-game west coast road trip and didn't open at Metropolitan Stadium until late in April. I was going to college in Minneapolis at the time and when the day of the home opener dawned warm & sunny, there was no mistaking mother nature's intent for me to go to the ballpark and not my Tuesday classes. A buddy of mine had reached a similar conclusion so, seeing as I had the wheels, (a sweet mint green '73 Nova) we ...
  5. Observations on the Ebb and Flow of the Gardenhire Era

    In looking at average team WAR in the American League over the 11 years of the Gardenhire era, we see consistent yearly offensive values of +19 wins, pitching values of +13 wins, and fielding values of zero. Comparing the Twins’ performances in each of the Gardenhire seasons to those averages gives us a quick picture of the successes or failures each season and how the offensive, pitching, and fielding prowess of the Twins has trended.

    • 2004-2006. Do I need to say it?
  6. Infielders – Headed for Obsolescence?

    Originally, I was curious to see how the number of defensive chances handled by outfielders have changed over the years. Using the Lahman database, I summed all putouts, errors, and assists credited among the three outfield positions each season and divided by their sum of innings-played-outs times 27 outs times the 3 positions. This gave me the following trend since 1954 when the data started being available in the Lahman database:

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    I saw three ...
  7. Tigers Have No Interest in Bringing Back Delmon Young

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    As reported in the Detroit Free Press, Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski (who I occasionally confuse with this guy or this guy) announced that the Tigers weren't planning to bring back American League Championship Series MVP Delmon Young next season.

    Young, playing out a 1-year 6.75 million dollar contract, hit .267/.296/.411 in 151 games for the Tigers in 2012 with 18 HR, 74 RBI and a 20/112 walks-to-strikeouts rate. He began the season as ...

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  8. When Does the Honeymoon End at Target Field?

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    My Twins season ticket renewal package arrived today in the mail. As per usual it's a beautiful and oversized PR masterpiece "dedicated to the greatness of our season ticket holders." In an attempt to come up with a theme to convince us to once again fill the seats at Target Field, the Twins are appealing to our loyalty for 2013. "There will be ups," the packet says. "There will be downs... Yet at the end of the day, the uniform ...

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