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A Realistic Fix to the 2014 Twins

I'd love to see Sano, Buxton, Meyers, Pinto and Rosario ALL be ready to start the season with the big league club. But can we be realistic for a moment and give these kids a little time?

So here is a realistic approach to 2014:

Phil Hughes has been a popular choice and is for me. His youth and overall stuff translate well. I've heard he has low to high value but will settle at 2-3 years at 8-9 million per.

I would love to a LHP to this wish list, and Kazmir is interesting.
At the end of the day though, my choice is Josh Johnson, probably on a year deal. Hopefully with an option year. 8-9m with 3-4 million in incentives

I can't help myself! I sign Johan Santana to a 1 million contract with incentives up to 4 million.

Someone smarter and closer to the club has to decide what to do with Mauer. I understand there is no guarantee as to health from a move to 1B. But I am sick and tired of hearing his lack of value at 1B. I believe he would not only be a solid 1B but eventually a very good one. How do we know he wouldn't produce more there? And even if not, a career .300/.400 with 30/40 doubles and double digit homers is still a great bat.

Keith Hernandez, Wally Joyner, Mark Grace anyone?

So we sign C Pierzyski for a year, or sign 1B Hart or Loney for around 8M. Hart or Loney hopefully for 2-3 years.

Lastly, I want an INF that can play more than one position and help platoon with Plouffe at 3B. I'd love Chavez as a 3B/1B but think bringing back Punto could prove more practical. (.248/.345 past 3 seasons) But let's go with Chavez at another season of 3 M.

Thus the following in my scenario for 2014:

LF: Pressley/Mastrioni
2B: Dozier
C/1B: Mauer (back where he belongs)
DH: Willingham
RF: Arcia
1B/C: Hart/Loney/Pierzyski
3B: Plouffe/Chavez
CF: Hicks (2nd year: .230-.250 w/20/20 + 30+2B's/ 5-63B's)
SS: Floriman/Escobar



What say you?

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