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Peanuts from Heaven

Welcome to our Twins blog. We'll bring up some "facts" and "stats", from time to time, but our real strength lies in sarcasm, silliness and Yankee-baiting.

  1. Adopt a Prospect #7: Luis Perdomo as Mr. Safety Date

    After ten days I'm back from Montana. And I'm happy to report that Luis Perdomo's cup of coffee with the Minnesota Twins has turned into something rapidly approaching a real date! Sure, the Twins might just have called him up out of desperation, a need to have SOMEONE with them, and a desire to feel attractive again (even only for a moment). But Perdomo could easily have screwed the pooch and gotten kicked to the curb with another disastrous outing, or by calling Terry Ryan fat or something. ...
  2. Adopt a Prospect #2: Dreams of Glory

    It's been a couple of weeks since we last checked in on Luis Perdomo, and while the recent road trip has been kind to the Twins (winning four in a row for the first time since mid-June 2011) it has been a little tougher on the bullpen with favorites like Jared Burton suddenly giving up runs. So, is there a chance that Luis might get a call to the bigs?

    No. No, there is not.

    Even if, the bullpen suddenly developed a bad case of leprosy and had their arms fall ...
  3. Adopt a Prospect #1: Meet Luis Perdomo's Beard...and Luis Perdomo

    Earlier this month, we Peanuts accepted the plea from our benevolent overlords at Twins Daily to adopt a prospect. This means that on a bi-weekly basis we'll update the rest of the blogosphere on the doings of one particular player until he graduates to the big club, or floats away into prospect purgatory.

    While our fellow bloggers leapt at the chance to explore the victories and challenges of potential superstars, we picked ours based on this photo (used by our pal Betsy on ...
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