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  1. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
    I think you overvalue the Twins players...I doubt we could get these level prospects for Morneau, Doumit, Plouffe, Willingham, etc. It reminds me of the Capps/Ramos deal--most GMs are smarter than Billy Smith and would want more than one of the 4 Twins for a top 200 prospect...
  2. Boone's Avatar
    Great article, very in-depth. Are you planning on doing this for pitchers? I would be interested in reading that. First and foremost, let's hope some of these guys get hot for the next month and increase their value.
    I think that the Twins should do anything and everything to get legitimate prospects in return. For this reason, I have no problem with the Twins paying a hefty portion of Morneau's salary in order to increase his value.
    What about packaging players? I know it doesn't happen much, but some of these teams have multiple needs we can fill. This includes the Pirates, Garrett Jones has struggled at 1B and Travis Snider has been dreadful. Willlingham to the Pirates could be an option if Marte can move to RF. Kingham's numbers look pretty good to me. He could be a steal.
  3. Dman's Avatar
    Very nice article and I agree that those players do not likely fit well into the teams long term plans and we need spots available to find out what we have for talent behind them. I also agree with Brandon though in that the Twins are in a position to be patient and try and to drive up the value of the players you mention. If that doesn't work out over time then I guess you desperately try to find a trading partner or let the player go. It's a tough job being a GM and coming out on top all the time.
  4. Brandon's Avatar
    I don't think Plouffe will be available till next season. There's no rush to trade him or Doumit. Our leverage in a trade of these guys is we don't have to move them. Sano isn't ready to be called up and neither is Pinto. Morneau is a toss up. I still do not think they will trade him, in fact I bet he resigns to a 1 year 14 million (or whatever the qualifying offer is next season) This prediction is also most likely to be wrong too as they could let Morneau go and move Plouffe to 1B next season and bring up Sano. Willingham could be traded this year. but I doubt anyone gets moved unless we get an overpay or a top 5-10 prospect. We don't need to reduce payroll and we don't have too many immediate replacements outside of Arcia that is ready right now.
  5. howieramone's Avatar
    A lot of left-handed starters available. I would be surprised if we traded for anything except starting pitching, but makes sense to me. I think this is Terry Ryan's preferred way of doing business. Good job.
    Updated 06-20-2013 at 01:34 AM by howieramone
  6. old nurse's Avatar
    I think I have read more than once that the PCL is a hitter's league. That would make Solarte's numbers look better. It is not Profar blocking him from a roster spot. Solarte couldn't beat out Garcia for the Jack of all trades role on the Rangers
  7. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    First, at least someone read your blog, I enjoy your writing. Second, I am not disagreeing I am simply pointing out that we are comparing stats. Is this Yangervis guy going to better than Dozier? Maybe. But who knows. I am not a SABR guy by any means, but I would have to guess Dozier is at about replacement level. I agree that our Twins have had a horrible time or are terrible at developing middle infielders. This is a fact that any swinging Richard on the street could tell you.

    But if you look at any organization, this happens. Do you think the A's or Reds made good decisions on Jared Burton? Do you think the Astros made a good decision on Johan Santana? You never know how a guy is going to react or how he is going to develop. I have heard Keith Law and Buster Olney whom are very respected in baseball, say they do not blame the Twins for trading Calos Gomez and letting Big Papi walk. My point here is, you can't just look at how a guy is hitting in AAA years after the fact.

    Now if you want to talk about letting Joe Benson go for nothing, even if he doesn't pan out, then we can talk. Chill Shane, you are a good blogger when you aren't so damn negative. That is a compliment btw.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Of all the people to read and comment, it had to be you. Part of the point is that Solarte would likely be in the majors if he were not blocked. Meanwhile Dozier has little to compete with. But keep on making "points" that just amount to sarcastic assclownery.
  9. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Comparing AAA stats to a guy who is in the majors...nice
  10. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    B Richard, I am probably just going to do an overall blog post about the rest of the positions, and then one on pitching. I appreciate your interest, but no one else gives a rat's ass. It takes a lot of time to do this and there is just one other person interested. Thank you, though.
  11. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Alex Wimmers, Randy Rosario, Kuo-hua Lo, and Felix Jorge are notable people off this list. I need to see how they do this year to put them somewhere. I have no idea what to do with Wimmers, in particular.
  12. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Kepler is likely starting after the short season starts and thus after the draft. Cedar Rapids is his place and I would expect J.D. Williams to move to Fort Myers at that time.
  13. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    May has control issues, yes. I am not going to worry about those for the time being. He is chilling the long ball right now and I view that as an underrated thing. Anyway, I do not see May as a bullpen option at the moment, but I also see another full year minimum between AA and AAA. I think that he and Meyer arrive at the same point late next year. And I am fine with that.
  14. B Richard's Avatar
    I have a tough time keeping May in the top 10 given his performance this year, especially in light of his K/BB ratio. Do you still project him as more than a future bullpen piece? I personally have more faith in Meyer who is being pushed. Nice list though. Do we have anymore news on Kepler's return date? I'm really excited about that guy
  15. howieramone's Avatar
    Wow! Great job.
    Updated 05-29-2013 at 02:16 PM by howieramone
  16. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Honorable mentions to Dan Rohlfling and Kyle Knudson.
  17. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    In that case, I will actually continue with shortstops very soon!
  18. B Richard's Avatar
    Thanks for this Shane, for the record I read your 1B breakdown and look forward to future installments.
  19. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I don't do this ever, but I have to say: sheesh, REALLY? This is not worthy of comment? I am finishing up the second base stuff for tomorrow, but damn. should I even bother?
  20. Thrylos's Avatar
    I am really happy about the Twins start. Really happy. And much better than 2012 (and 2011). BUT...

    I am not impressed. I'd be impressed if they were 12-3 or something (like Colorado and Atlanta)

    I think that it is promising (and I second all about the minor leaguers and the pipeline) but I am not about to applaud mediocrity...

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