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  1. Prospect list in depth, Part Two: 41-50

    Here is part two of my detailed prospect list. This is where it tends to get pretty cloudy with a lot of reliever types, but these names either were or would have been in the 25-35ish range in the Twins system 2-3 years ago. That is a good sign.

    50. Dakota Watts (DOB: 11-16-87), RH reliever: Watts bounced back from a rough 2011 to have a substantially better 2012 and remain on this list. He still walks to many batters and that is going to be the main issue going forward. His AA performance ...

    Updated 12-31-2012 at 09:10 AM by Shane Wahl

  2. Prospect list in depth, Part One: HMs and 51-60

    This is the first in a series of blog posts breaking down my top 60 Twins prospects. I realized that I had omitted Ryan Pressly and Zach Jones from my initial list, so they will make it into the series now. Overall the system has improved dramatically in the past two years, both at the top and with respect to depth.

    Honorable Mention: Matthew Koch, Bobby Lanigan, Tyler Grimes

    HM: Matthew Koch: After an inconsequential 2011, Koch started out of the gates hot in the first ...
  3. Roster Options for 2013

    There is strangely now much more uncertainty about the 2013 roster than there was for 2012. A little over a month ago it seemed like things were clear-cut. There was a 50/50 chance that Span would be traded, but otherwise it looked like much of the 25-man roster was pretty clear.

    In the past few weeks, the Twins have traded Span (for prospect Alex Meyer), traded Ben Revere for Vance Worley (and prospect Trevor May), signed Kevin Correia, Mike Pelfrey and Rich Harden, and selected Ryan ...

    Updated 12-21-2012 at 06:11 PM by Shane Wahl

  4. Top 60 Prospects for 2013

    This is under the assumption that no more prospects are going to be added to the system before the beginning of the 2013 season. So here are the top 60 prospects in the Twins organization:

    1. Miguel Sano
    2. Aaron Hicks
    3. Oswaldo Arcia
    4. Byron Buxton
    5. Alex Meyer
    6. Eddie Rosario
    7. Jose Berrios
    8. Kyle Gibson
    9. Max Kepler
    10. Trevor May
    11. Joe Benson

    Updated 12-13-2012 at 10:47 AM by Shane Wahl

  5. Will the real SS please stand up?

    Like the pretenders and imitators of the real Slim Shady, the Twins appear to have a preposterous situation at the SS position throughout the organization. Here, I discuss the 15 top shortstops in the organization with regard to their current output and future potential. Initially, the term "shortstop" will designate those players in the organization with significant playing time at the position in 2012 (Eduardo Escobar's 10 games at the position is the low point in terms of playing time ...
  6. 2013 Blueprint, Part Four: The Future and Contingencies

    This concludes my 2013 blueprint. So far it has involved adding Edwin Jackson and Shaun Marcum as the two new additions to the team. It also would mean a return of Scott Baker on an incentive-laded deal, giving Anthony Slama a chance, and a wait-and-see approach with Kyle Gibson. In terms of position players, instead of worrying about who to trade, I have argued that having a good PH option for every game is actually a good idea, whether it be (by rotation) Parmelee, Morneau, Mauer, Doumit, Willingham, ...
  7. 2013 Blueprint, Part Three: The Players

    In Part Two of the 2013 blueprint, I discussed the pitching staff. Now . . . that problem has . . . .clearly been solved. So something much easier is in store. This is the lineup/bench I propose for the 2013 Twins

    Span CF
    Revere LF
    Mauer C
    Willingham RF
    Morneau 1B
    Plouffe 3B
    Doumit DH
    Dozier 2B


    The bench is meant to be a return to the "Thome ...
  8. 2013 Blueprint, Part Two: The Pitchers

    In part one of the blueprint, I laid out the Twins 2013 roster as I see it should be (disclaimer: this means that this is what the Twins *should* do, not a prediction as to what they *will* do). In part two, I focus more intensely on the pitching situation, and turn the pitching staff first for obviously reasons.

    I am not completely against trading away MLB players or even some prospects (lower levels) for MLB-ready or near MLB-ready pitching, but I do think there is a better way to ...

    Updated 10-02-2012 at 09:32 AM by Shane Wahl

  9. 2013 Blueprint, Part One: Overview

    This is the first part of four parts of my 2013 Twins blueprint. The following is an overview of the roster. Part two will focus on the pitchers, part three on the position players, and part four will be centered around both contingency plans for 2013 and looking toward the future beyond 2013.

    Last year, I actually put out three versions of a 2012 blueprint depending on payroll (110, 105, 100) and I was right about a few things. Jamey Carroll and Ryan Doumit were added, and I even had ...

    Updated 09-28-2012 at 01:06 AM by Shane Wahl

  10. Yes, the Twins have outfield depth

    The discussion regarding outfield depth that took place earlier in the season was interesting because it had almost been assumed that the outfield was the brightest spot in the Twins system. In the early-to-mid part of the season, legitimate question marks about the outfield depth were raised. Joe Benson (24, AA/AAA), and Rene Tosoni (26, AA/AAA), the two prospects who had been with the Twins in 2011 for a bit of time, were struggling and struggling with injuries, and the only other prospect to ...

    Updated 09-06-2012 at 12:49 AM by Shane Wahl

  11. Prospect watch update

    Early this season, I wrote about 10 prospects who I believed would have breakout seasons. These are not top prospects but 25-50 ranking prospects who I believed would emerge into serious big league contenders down the road. Here is an update on them and my prognostication results are definitely mixed.

    (age), team, PA, slash, 2B/3B/HR, BB/K, SB/SBA
    (age), team, IP, ERA, K/BB, WHIP

    The Good:

    Nate Roberts: (23-6), Beloit, 339, .303/.435/.435, 18/3/4, ...
  12. Blind faith vs. evidence and reason

    When coming to form one's beliefs or making evaluations about things, the rather vast ocean between blind faith and evidence sets up a stark contrast in reasoned (or un-reasoned) judgment. This post is not about evolution or theism, but about something much less important in the grand scheme of things.

    This post is about the Twins' evaluation of Anthony Slama.

    Let's first examine the evidence, sticking to Slama's minor league and major league statistics. In parts of four ...
  13. An early blueprint for 2013

    Soon it will be time to actually get serious about next year (imagine being a Cubs fan). Maybe a title like Dr. StrangeGlove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb of the 2012 Twins Season would be most appropriate here.

    An early blueprint for 2013:

    Trade Justin Morneau (Oakland, Texas, Tampa Bay would seem to be potential teams for this trade) for pitching prospects (hopefully at least one in AA or AAA) or even an arbitration-eligible pitcher. Maybe include ...

    Updated 08-23-2012 at 02:08 PM by Shane Wahl

  14. Some possible second half promotions

    Here are a bunch of players who could see a promotion in the second half. I certainly do not think all of them will and there are likely a few others who will be promoted, but it is my intention to point out some strong performances, even in limited time in some cases. A few of them are likely very soon (Rhodes, Roberts, Atherton, Bromberg) and many others are most likely early August moves if they happen at all.

    DSL to GCL:

    Adonis Pacheco, OF
    Ernesto Ciprian, OF ...
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