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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    This is seriously terrific... I like the local look and also the look at guys from places the Twins have drafted before or with family or some previous relation to the Twins. Thank you for this!
  2. gunnarthor's Avatar
    Nice write up.
  3. Rosterman's Avatar

    A good year-by-year look to see who the Twins drafted and what importance having a great first rounder is compared to just drafting good players.........
  4. twinsfanstreif's Avatar
    Hensley could very well be gone but you never know, Shooter Hunt was projected to go 10-15 in 2008 and he fell to us (although now we know why). I'm personally hoping for Smoral anyways. As far as Buttery goes I brought him up because I've heard he's had a lot of helium as of late and some people are projecting him as a late first rounder. I haven't seen or heard a lot and I thought you guys may have. Great series though.
  5. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    From what I hear, Hensley will be off the board in the late teens to mid-twenties. I haven't really taken the time to learn too much about him, simply cause I don't think he'll be in play when the sandwich round rolls around.

    Buttrey is a different case. I would lump him in with a lot of high school guys that will probably go late sandwich, early second. The thing about Buttrey is that he could go to Arkansas for two years and really improve his draft stock. That could cause him to slide.
  6. twinsfanstreif's Avatar
    What are your thoughts on the Ty's, Ty Hansly and Ty Buttery? I've heard a lot about Buttery that he could be a top of the order guy in the Mussina mold(probably because of the knuckle curve) although there is a lot of debate on his ranking, I've seen him as high as late first round and as low as third round. Hansly has had his stock rise over the past few weeks but his delivery scares me, he is all arm and that could mean potential injury problems down the road. Do you guys see either of these guys at 32 or 42?
  7. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I agree with your take on Willingham. But, unlike most of the other clowns, I think that what he brings to the table (or in a trade) will/should be part of fielding a competitive team in 2015. With his current contract, it will probably have to be through a trade.
  8. James Richter's Avatar
    With an eye on 2015, this is spot on with one exception: you've got to let go of Willingham. By then there will be somebody homegrown who can hit better than he will at age 36, and most likely field and run the bases better, for less than 1/10th the price.
  9. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    Well, just like that two problems off the roster... Walters and Mastroianni will get a chance to be a part of a long-term solution.
  10. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I think Lin - and really Pettersen and Bryant - provides some maturity and flexibility in the lineup. All three are guys that play hard, give good at-bats and (although I didn't see Pettersen in the field) are solid defenders. Lin didn't do anything great, but he played left and center and took a lot of pitches. We won't see any on Top 30 prospect lists, but those types of players are invaluable to the organization.

    I saw Hicks his first and second year in Beloit and I thought he looked more advanced both times than Sano. This weekend, I was really hoping that I'd see a guy that didn't belong... but I didn't. The Twins will do what's best for him and it will be a couple of years before he's truly in the conversation.
  11. MWLFan's Avatar
    I agree with your thoughts on Sano and I know there is a lot of talk about when he should be in Fort Meyers, next year at the earliest is my take. When I have seen him I wasn't alarmed with his fielding, I guess I was prepared for Delmon at third. I thought his instincts around the position were good, his hands seemed quick and soft, and his arm was plenty strong for 3rd base.

    For a 18 year old in his first taste of A ball, and a Wisconsin "spring", I think he did enough to say the kid will be alright in the field. The bat will need to find the ball more and I think he is adjusting to the strike zone somewhat, he has taken a few called 3rd strikes at the games I have been at. He was faster then I anticipated and was pretty good on the bases. That being said he seems to have some mental lapses that anyone who has been or knows a 18 year old male understands. It is not constant or sustained, but you get the feeling that the mind might drift a bit here and there, any of us guys have that happen when we were that age or ask yourself about your son, what is he thinking about.

    Rosario I thought was the second most impressive bat I have seen there, Danny Ortiz was actually swinging better then either Sano or Rosario, and he made me nervous at second. Not for the long haul as I thought he would improve and it sounds as if his athletic talent is catcing up with his inexperience at second base. That is good to hear.

    Also good to hear about Shibuya, I have seen him once and it was not a great night for him. The K's are a plus, but he doesn't project to have those every night.

    Thanks for the post. I can't wait to hear what others think about the Snappers this year.

    Tyler Grimes, yup. Has some work to do. How did Lin look? He was really struggling when I saw him, sounds as if he picked it up when he got moved up in the order.
  12. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    Thanks guys!

    I have the interview up on my adapt-a-prospect page.
  13. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Good stuff, Jeremy!
  14. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Jeremy, I really enjoy this stuff! Thanks for sharing. People look at Sano's numbers and think he needs to be promoted. It's good to read what you said. Two years ago, I went there and watched Hicks. Many were saying he should have been promoted, and from what I saw, he was where he needs to be.

    This is just great stuff... Look forward to your Corey Williams interview. Be sure to link here, if you can. Interesting guy, very smart. Very talented.

    When I head to Beloit, I hope you'll be able to make it down too.

    And Chrissy is awesome, but incredibly busy. She knows she's very welcome to do anything she likes here at Twins Daily!!
  15. Highabove's Avatar
    I wish Clete Thomas would join a long list of Saint Paul Saints.
  16. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    That is cool. Good luck with Blyleven. A buddy of mine sent something to him a couple years ago and he got back a list of his prices. And that was before he was in the HOF.
  17. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    You never know, though, maybe he'll surprise you.
    I'm not big into autographs, but I am trying to get all the "retired number" guys on individual official MLB baseballs. So far, I have Puckett, Killebrew, Hrbek and Oliva. I actually just sent Oliva's to Spring Training last week and received it back in today's mail, which is pretty cool. Blyleven I'm sure I can get for free somewhere, but Carew is going to be a challenge.
  18. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    That makes sense. I had picked up the 8x10 at a booth where if you bought X, you got one free. So I figured I'd give it a shot.

    I just edited the post to reflect the three I got in the mail today: Parmelee, Herrmann and Arcia.
  19. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    I've heard that Carew rarely signs unless it's a card show or something like that.
    I'd like to get him to sign a baseball.
  20. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Great update. Never too early to start looking at his kind of stuff.
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