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  1. Spikecurveball's Avatar
    As I said, Deduno needs to be done. Is today proof or does it take more?
  2. huhguy's Avatar
    All pitchers lay eggs. &nbsp;Yesterday was certainly one for Deduno. &nbsp;Have you been watching Gibson? &nbsp;1 Great performance followed by 1 terrible? &nbsp;Nolasco? Which Nolasco will show up?<br><br>Dedunos body of work until yesterday had been above average.<br><br>Please dont buy into the pundits criticism of Deduno. &nbsp; That said, three more of what we saw yesterday and I will enlist your arma.
  3. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    I assumed you had Correia ahead of Deduno on the De-Done-o list. however I could cut Deduno a little more slack, a couple more starts maybe. He's got so much movement on his pitches he's nice to have around. Unfortunately not a lot of movement today.
  4. Spikecurveball's Avatar
    Agreed Correa too.
  5. pierre75275's Avatar
    If we are going to start cutting chaff then we need to start with Corria. Deduno is not what is holding this team back by any stretch of the imagination.
  6. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Way too many quality arms waiting in AAA.
  7. SgtSchmidt11's Avatar
    I think we can agree that Correa needs to take a seat...
  8. tobi0040's Avatar
    I agree with the division sans the Reds. They won 90 games last year and have Cueto, Cingrani, Bailey, Latos, and Leake in their rotation.

    I am going to take the liberty of adding my favorite Gardy-ism. Our pitchers are "really flipping it".
  9. Spikecurveball's Avatar
  10. strumdatjag's Avatar
    I remember going to the Old Met in the 1960s as a kid with my friends (one friend's dad had seats for his business and we went once a year to a weekday day game). We'd always order a beer from the old African-American beer vendor who later always wore the "umbrella hat". We knew we wouldn't get served but his response was always the classic "Milk for you son!". Wally and his baseball Card may have been fun for later generations, but not as good as that!
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