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  1. The Pitchin' Has Been Bitc... Good.

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    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    With Joe Mauer going 2-4 with two RBI and an outstanding performance on the mound from a guy named Johan Yohan last night, I’m sure more than a few Twins fans (myself included) were imitating Robin Williams’ character in Jumanji, yelling “What year is it!?” much to the chagrin to those in close proximity.

    The year is 2014, and by all accounts their questioning is somewhat ...

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  2. The Only Cup I Need is a Coffee Cup

    While the rest of America is struggling to find a seat on the World Cup bandwagon and spouting off regurgitated soccer stats, we here at Twins And Losses have been MIA. Plain and simple, we’ve been busy with life, and we suck! So here’s a photo that hopefully brings a smile to your faces:

    Some quick notes:
    - Kevin Correia’s monthly ERA total has gone down drastically ...
  3. Nice to Arcia Again*

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    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    “That’s approaching Jim Thome territory.”

    Those were the words that Dick Bremer used to describe Oswaldo Arcia’s mammoth four hundred and twenty-two foot grand slam to right field against the Brewers on Thursday night.

    Despite losing the last game in this year’s Border Battle, there are a multitude of good things to take away from the four game series: the Twins took two games ...

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  4. Mashing On Mauer

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    (Originally posted on www.twinsandlosses.com)

    Let me start this post by saying I’m a big Joe Mauer fan. I like his bat, I like his sideburns, and I like that he even had twins of his own. I love imitating him in fake radio interviews, mostly because it pisses everyone off (Minus Dan and Jake [@Stubby2Cents]).

    I also love his stats. He’s never hit below .287 for a season, and owns a career .321 BA through 2014. His batting ...

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  5. The Igniter vs. Big Papi

    (originally posted on www.twinsandlosses.com)

    Awhile ago there was a debate surrounding two prominent names near and dear to every heart that beats within Twins Territory that was trying to work out which is/was the better player. A comparison of skill not only with the bat and glove but also the passion in which they play(ed) and their leadership qualities. I’m talking about Mark Rosen’s son vs. The Cannonball. Kid Sideburns vs. Pucky Smiles. Mauer vs. Puckett.
    But I ask you ...
  6. Danny Santana - Lethal Weapon, or Black Magic (Wo)Man?

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    (Originally posted on www.twinsandlosses.com)

    If you can get a smile AND a fist bump from Ron “Gardy” “Gardenhire, you’re doing something right. The young Dominican shortstop is in no way related to Carlos Santana, or Danny Glover. At least, not that we know of. Hopefully he’s more Danny Gladden, than Danny Valencia too. The 23 year old has been showing off some great offensive skills in 8 games played with the major league club. He’s
  7. Potent Poet-ables

    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    Haikus written for each of the Twins Opening Day 2014 starters

    This was our lineup,
    An ode to Opening Day,
    Looks different now.

    C – Kurt Suzuki

    We all know his age,
    Yet still showing he has it.
    Mauer wants his knees.

    1B – Joe Mauer

    Moved to first this year,
    He found that sweet swing again!
    Uh oh, back spasms.

  8. Logan, Danny and Samuel's Debut-no

    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    As the saying goes: “April showers bring May flowers.”

    They also bring two rainouts at Target Field in a matter of three days. Following the rain spell the Twins frolicked their merry way to four straight losses in ways that made you want to do a rain dance in your living room. Fun stats include: a team RISP ratio of 7-40 (17.5%), a team strikeout rate of 27% and Jared Burton generously giving a 12th inning homerun to Drew Butera. ...
  9. Speedboat To a C-Note?...

    (Originally posted on twinsandlosses.com)

    #IfTheTwinsWereWWE (CC: Phil Mackey, Dana Wessel), Joe Mauer would be "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Joe has had more back and knee problems than Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker combined. **

    Alas, this post is not about Joe, nor is it an article where I tear my shirt ala Hulk Hogan when I finish writing. No,
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