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  1. The Ozzman Cometh Around the Bases Not So Much Lately.

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    After reading Parker Hageman’s recent analysis1 on Oswaldo Arcia’s approach
    and swing, I’ve been thinking about it ever since, particularly as Arcia’s slump is reaching toward extreme extents.

    I think Parker is on in his critique of Arcia’s over-aggressive, indiscriminate approach at the plate: past success swinging at first pitch fastballs has led to present adjustments by pitchers to throw off speed early, but not- so far- to any counter ...
  2. Tobacco and Baseball

    Did anyone else read Jim Caple’s recent article on ESPN.com about Tony Gwynn and chewing tobacco? In the article he advocates for the ban of on-field use of chew in MLB, noting that it is already banned in MiLB. The topic at hand certainly evokes strong opinions; somewhere along the lines of individual freedoms vs. general health and well-being, with a whole host of other considerations on the side.

    I was drawn to the article because I was saddened and angered to learn that Gwynn’s ...
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