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  1. Get off the ledge

    The Twinsare 0-2 after two dreadful performances against the Orioles that saw the Twinsdominated by two average at best pitchers, struggled defensively, and had theirpitchers battered. Some will say that itis over and that Ron Gardenhire should be fired and replaced with PaulMolitor. They will say that Terry Ryanshould never have returned and he is no better than Bill Smith. They will say that Jim Pohlad is one of thecheapest owners in baseball that should spend like the Tigers. They will say ...

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  2. Fort Myers Miracle Projections

    The Fort Myers Miracle had a rough season in 2011, with a disappointing 63-76 record under manager Jake Mauer. Some of the frustration was due to injuries and others were due to just plain and simple lack of production. The Miracle will be back in 2012 with some familiar faces as the Miracle try to get back in the playoff hunt. They also will infuse some new talent that should make the summer very exciting for fans that turn out to HammondStadium as the Miracle try to return to the playoffs in 2012 ...

    Updated 03-31-2012 at 02:41 PM by Seth Stohs

  3. New Britain Rockcats Projection

    I apologize for the mistakes I made on the Rochester roster, but I will try to do a better job in New Britain. With that being said the New Britain roster is more difficult because it is more fluid. Alot of the New Britain roster will be determined by what happens with the Rochester roster. Guys that don't make the Rochester roster, but that still hang around will likely go the New Britian. FYI if you think I got a lot wrong on the Rochester Roster you haven't see anything yet just because we ...

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  4. Rochester Roster Projection

    I don't know how well many of you know me but my name is Travis Aune and I am a cohost of Seth Stohs every Thursday night this season on Twins Minor League Weekly. I have a blog over at travistwinstalk.blogspot.com and I do some Twins stuff, but my main focus because I truly enjoy it is the minor leagues. I am nowhere near the class of Seth as he is the Godfather of the Minor Leagues and he amazes me the amount of material he writes and knows. Seth is a giant and I am a midget compared to him. ...

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  5. Stream of Consciousness

    As many can tell I am not a typical Twins blogger in that my posts are very infrequent. That is because I go to school in Texas and am very busy. I know everybody is busy, but for me my blogging is a hobby that I only do if I have time for it. I will blog more in the summer when I donít have classes, but I felt the need the need to write my feelings with how everything is going with the Twins right now.

    As many of you know I was 30 years old when I went back to College and will ...
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