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  1. The Twins Academy

    Venezuela has produced a number of good ballplayers over the years, some even for the Twins. What has our academy produced in the last 10 years? Can't think of anything? Neither can I, and that my friends is the problem. Where is the pipeline of talent? Why is it that the Yankees always have prospects to trade for established stars? Because they pour money into their international signings and develop players abroad. The Twins have an Academy where pretty much no other team does and yet I ...
  2. Our needs in the draft

    I constantly ask myself what does our organization need to differently in the draft to become dangerous in October. Well, in my opinion, we need to draft three types of players.

    Player type 1:

    No contact power starting pitchers. The Twins have proven that a staff completely made of "pitch to contact pitchers" will get you to the first round of the playoffs and then lose badly. The Twins need to have a slight change in philosophy regarding their pitching staff. ...
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